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Hello, and welcome to the Capsule Corp. Travel Agency! Here you can travel to other planets in order to train, conquer, or to just plain visit. Every location within a planet takes one day to get to on foot. In order to travel you will need a spaceship of some kind. You can purchase ships at the Items & Weapons Shop. Please look through the list of planets below, and pick which one you would like to travel to. After that is done please email what day you wish to blast off on, and who you will be bringing with you. Good luck, and thank you for choosing Capsule Corp.

Basic Travel Info

Earth: Distace from Earth= 0
Travel Time= 0 days (for all ships)
Gravity= 1x Earth's gravity

Namek: Distance from Earth= 3
Travel Time= Saiyan Pod: 1 day
Namek Ship: 3 days
Human Ship: 2 days
Chill Ship: 1 day
Gravity= 10x Earth's gravity

Vegeta: Distance from Earth= 6
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 2 days
Namek Ship: 4 days
Human Ship: 3 days
Chill Ship: 2 days
Gravity= 20x Earth's gravity

Freeza #79: Distance from Earth= 9
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 3 days
Namek Ship: 5 days
Human Ship: 4 days
Chill Ship: 3 days
Gravity= 20x Earth's gravity

Kasassa: Distance from Earth= 12
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 4 days
Namek Ship: 6 days
Human Ship: 5 days
Chill Ship: 4 days
Gravity= 1x Earth's gravity

Konats: Distance from Earth= 15
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 5 days
Namek Ship: 7 days
Human Ship: 6 days
Chill Ship: 5 days
Gravity= 20x Earth's gravity

Yardrat: Distance from Earth= 18
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 15 days
Namek Ship: 17 days
Human Ship: 16 days
Chill Ship: 15 days
Gravity= 20x Earth's gravity

Planets That Can Be Conquered:

War Planets 1-10: Distance From Earth= 18
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 6 days
Namek Ship: 8 days
Human Ship: 7 days
Chill Ship: 6 days
Gravity= 30x Earth's gravity
Power Rating(1-10)= 1-3

War Planets 11-20: Distace from Earth= 21
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 7 days
Namek Ship: 9 days
Human Ship: 8 days
Chill Ship: 7 days
Gravity= 40x Earth's gravity
Power Rating(1-10)= 4-6

War Planets 21-50: Distace from Earth= 30
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 10 days
Namek Ship: 11 days
Human Ship: 10 days
Chill Ship: 9 days
Gravity= 80x Earth's gravity
Power Rating(1-10)= 7-10

Planets That Can Be Claimed Without Combat:

Unexplored Planets (an infinate number): Distance from Earth= 31
Travel Time= Sayian Pod: 1 days
Namek Ship: 3 days
Human Ship: 2 days
Chill Ship: 1 days
Gravity= 1x Earth's gravity
(Note: These planets can be sold for $5,000 a planet if desired)

Please post your desitination below and thank you for using Capsule Corp!!!