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Signature Moves

Yugo:Kamehemeha Dan:A blast which is started like a regular Kamehameha. When the user brings there hands forward 100 beams as strong as Chou-Kamehamehas go towards the target. This move grows with the user's powerlevel.

Kamiccolo:Mystic Lightning Attack:The user screams the attack's name. Then their eyes glow an eerie red and the sky turns pitch black. A chain of lightning then strikes down on the target. This move grows with the user's powerlevel.

Pan: Solar Punch: The user shouts out the name of the attack & her right hand starts glowing as bright as a solar flare. When anyone looks at her fist in this state they have the same effects as the solar flare. For the attack part it acts like a normal punch but, if the suer is not close to the opponent she punches like normal & then a beam of light shaped like a fist heads for the opponent. On impact a huge flash of light appears blinding anyone looking at the oppenent. The closer to the opponent the stronger the attack. This move grows with users power level.

Bryon:Sacred Fire Attack: The user concentrates and is then surrounded by fire. Then 100 fireballs shoot out of his hands and scatter toward the intended target. This move grows with the user's powerlevel.

Trung:Death Bomb: The user puts hand above head then gathers enegy into a ball mutch like spirit bomb.Longer you charge the more powerful the damage is. The ball is large and black . Attack grows with user's PL.