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This is where you come to learn the rules of this RPG. What you can do, what you can't, and what might just make me kick you off the site >=). If you have any question just post it on the "Stats Update" message board.

General Rules

-New members must read through each page of the site, before they can participate in sagas/battles.

-A member doesnt have to join a Team if he/she does not want to.

-When a fighters hp reaches zero in battle that fighter takes a loss.

-Once a member takes 5 losses that member is killed, and must wait 2 weeks or be wished back with the Dragon Balls before he/she can participate again.

-Every time a member gets 5 wins he/she can pick a new move.

-Cheating will result in being kicked off the site.

-Members may be given money/items by other members.

-When a member battles he/she must have and opponent, reff and accept what the ref tells him/her.

-If you have a problem with a ref please post it on the "Stats Update" board.

-When a member finishes all their battles and training for the day he/she must send his/her new stats, along with his/her purchases on the Stats Update Board. If stats are posted anywhere else they will be ignored.

-Members can only get money by selling things back to the store for 1/2 price, winning battles, and by having someone else give them money.

Dragon Ball Rules

-The only want to get the Dragon Balls is to buy a Dragon Ball Radar.

-You can only buy the Namek Dragon Ball Radar on Namek.

-The Earth Dragon Balls grant you one wish, then you'll have to buy another Dragon Ball Radar to get the Dragon Ball's again.

-The Namek Dragon Balls grant you 3 wishes.

-You are not allowed to teleport other people to other planets with the move teleportation unless they are on your team. -You can only make the wishes listed below. I will accept ideas for the Dragon Balls.

Wishing Rules

-You can wish to triple any of your stats.

-You can wish for any item in the shop under $15,000.

-You can wish for a move on the moves page as long as you have the powerlevel for it. It cannot be a transformation such as SuperSaiyan.

-You can only use a wish for 1 thing per Dragon Ball Radar. For Example, when using the Namek Dragon Balls you cannot use all 3 wishes to wish for 3 moves.

-You can wish to revive a dead person. They will then be revived the next day.

-You can wish to be on one of the planets you cant counqer instantly.

Planet Conquering

-If someone already owns a planet, you must fight the owner and win the battle on their planet in order to own it.

-Outer Planets can be conquered by just landing on them. They can be sold to the items shop for 5,000.

-If you die, you still own your planet until someone conquers it. You can also have people their defending your planets until you come back.

After Life Rules

-If you are dead you are dead for 2 weeks or until someone revives you with the Dragonballs.

-You are allowed to fight other dead members but must spend an extra day in the after life for every battle you fight if you choose to do so.

-You are allowed to fight alive members when you are dead, but you must spend an extra 2 days for every battle you fight.

-You cannot buy anything from the store while you are dead.

-You are allowed to still give people money and items when you are dead.

Battle Rules

-When battling you must have an opponent and a ref.

-You must tell the reff what your true stats are, what items you are using, your moves, and if your using an ability to hide your PL which will become avalible later on.

-If one of the items/moves you are using is not on the list you told the ref, the item/move will become invalid.

-You are given three commands you can do when your opponent attacks. You can either, counter with a move of your own, block, or try and dodge the move.

-The ref decides how much damage it does and/or if it misses.

-If you think a ref is being unfair post it on the Stats Update Board.

-If someone doesn't understand how to battle, then show them with a mock battle. A mock battle is an unofficial battle that wont count.

-Battles can be preformed without a legal ref but it wont count.

-You can only use one powerup at a time. So you cannont use Kaioken and then use Dragonfist. It will not count. There might be some moves that require that. Such as using a move like SuperSaiyan and then using Mystical Powerup so Kamehameha X10 wont give you any damage.

-You get $1,000 for every battle you win, and $0 for every battle you lose.

-You are allowed to bet on fights. The maximum is 2,500 and the minimum you can bet is 1,000. You are only allowed to bet twice a week.

-You are allowed to forefit to the same person 2 times per day. This will keep people from becoming to powerful. Raid Rules

-One ref and one normal fighter must be present

-you can earn up to 10000 credits

-you can earn up to 1000 in all stats

-you can only find item of less that or equal to 10000 credits worth however you hardly ever find items

-you must not be dead, in training, or in space.

-Raids can be done only once per day

Permanent Fusion Rules

-You may only permanently fuse twice in your character's life.

-Fused form becomes both races for example if a chill and namek fused they would have race like this: Race: Chill/Namek

-Thus you can choose moves from both races

Training Rules