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These are the Armor, Weapons, Upgrades, and Ships that you can currently buy on this rpg. Some items require you to be on a certain planet to get them. Sometimes the items can determine the winner of a fight. If you want an item and have the money then put that item in your stats on the Stat Updates board.

Defensive, Training, Power-up, and Healing items

Beam Gun:
Freeza's minions posses these guns. A normal, weak fighter, can use these guns to shoot KI blasts, but these blasts are exceedingly weak. Cost= 5,000

A weapon with a remarkably sharp blade. It causes great damage. Cost: 5,000

Power Bo:
A pole that can extend almost limitelessly and dose as much damage as a well place punch. Cost: 5,500

Dark Star Dragon Balls:
These Dragon balls are the best ever dragon balls every seen. These dragon balls are very rare. You get 3 wishes when you find them all. The location of these dragon balls are in space but exactly in space is unknown.

Earth Dragon Radar:
The Dragon Radar can be used to find the location of the seven Dragon Balls. It has a single button on top, which is what is used to to turn it on and off. It also shows the motion of the Dragon Balls (if they are moving when the radar is activated). The Earth Dragon Balls grant you one wish. You instantly get the Dragon Balls when you buy this. Used to get the Earth Dragon Balls. You may only have ONE radar at a time. Cost= 20,000

Namekian Dragon Radar:
The Same as the Earth Dragon Ball Radar, except it is used to find the Namek Dragonballs on Namek. The Namekian Dragon Balls grant you 3 wishes. If used on Earth, it will only show blimps of the Dragon Balls on Namek. Cost= 25,000

Light Saiyan Battle Armor:
The lighter model of the Saiyan Battle Armor. The armor shields your chest, shoulders, thighs, and groin. It takes off 50 from all attacks. It is destroyed once it takes above 100 damage. Cost= 15,000

Advanced Saiyan Battle Armor:
An advance moddle of the Saiyan battle armor. It shields your chest, thigh, and groin. It takes 100 from all type of attacks. It is destroyed once it takes 250 damage. Cost= 25,000

Ultimate Saiyan Battle Armor:
The ultimate in Saiyan Battle Armor technology. It is a complete suit which protects all parts of your body except for your head. It takes off 300 from all attacks and is destroyed once it takes 1,000 damage. Cost= 100,000

Battle Jacket:
adds 10% of users max pl to its pl (pl x .10 = x, x+ max pl= total pl) ex: fighter has pl 1000 with jacket he gets a 100 pl bonus so his pl is 1100. this cannot be combined with armor cost: 50,000

Chill armor:
takes away 2000 damage from all attacks. never destroyed. cost: 500,000

Battle armor:
Different robotic suits used for weaker players. Suit A: the weakest has 5k in all stats, suit b has 12k in all and suit c has 20k in all. All have the following attacks: self destruct, rocket arm, machine gun (equal to renzoku energy dan) Suit a costs 40,000 Suit b costs 80,000 suit c costs 120,000

Panzer Faust:
a huge cannon that can be shoulder mounted or used in compliance with the battle suits. fires a highly powerful attack but if used by a Sayain, Namek, Human, Majin, or Bebi it reduces speed by 10% battlesuits and androids may use this without ill effect, cost: 25,000

Space Suit:
allows user to fight in space ki blasts can still be used. Cost: 10,000

The scouter is a device worn over the user's eye. It has a glass projection piece which displays various information such as speed, distance, time, or fighting power (the latter being the chief use). The scouters also work as speakers. It overloads and is destroyed when the opponents Power Level goes over 100,000. Cost= 20,000

Senzu Bean:
The senzu bean are little bean seeds which one eats. Eating a single senzu seed is equivalent to eating ten days worth of food, giving it has the power to rejuvenate someone from the brink of death to full health instantly. When used in battle, it restores all of your hp. You can carry a maximum of 5 senzus. Cost= 100 per seed.

Senzu Bean Pouch:
A little pouch resembling the one Goku wears. With this bag you can carry up to 10 senzus. It comes in handy when your on the brink of death and you'll need a lot of senzus. Cost= 10,000.

The gravitron is one of Capsule Corp's many inventions. It is a device that changes the gravity in the surrounding room to whatever you set it. It can be upgraded to 400X Earth's gravity. It starts at 100X Earth's gravity. For every 10x gravity you gain the you get 3x your original self training stats. It can only be used once a day unless you have a rejuvination tank then you can train twice a day. Cost= 20,000

Gravitron Upgrade
You can use this to upgrade your Gravitron. It adds an extra 50X gravity. Cost= 15,000.

Regeneration Tank
This tank is used so that you can train twice a day. When conquering planets, you can use the Regeneration Tank to heal yourself during the battles. It can also be installed into your ship. Cost= 20,000

Weighted Clothing:
Both Goku and Piccolo wear weighted clothing under normal circumstances, in order to increase their strength. After taking off their clothing, their power levels jump dramatically, and they become far faster and more agile. These consist of: a T-Shirt, Shirt, Wrist Band, Cape, Pants, Boots, and Hat. When training they add 100 to your stats each. When taken off your stats increase by 200 each for each piece of clothing you take off. Cost= 3,500 each.

Battle Gear:
A mix between weighted clothing and advanced saiyan battle armor. Each part of the battle gear increases your stats by 100 more than regular weighted clothing. So when you train with your battle gear on all your stats increase by 200 each piece you wear and when you take it off your stats increase by 300 for each piece you take off. Can be upgraded by King Kai during training if you ask. He will then make the battle gear take off more damage from an attack and will also put his sign where ever you want on your gear. Cost= 30,000

Can throw up to 4 at a time, good for multiple opponents cost: 1000 each. 12 may be carried

The saibaman is a little demon-like fighter. On each limb it has three digits. The saibamen have the ability to self-destruct if necessary, and their stats are 1200 in each. They might just turn on you if your not stronger then them. You can train them just as you train yourself. They can only do self training, and when they win a battle with you they get the updates of a win. If you lose, they don't recieve any increase. They start off with Head Acid, Self Destruct, and Kamehameha. They grow by winning battles if killed once they die forever they may also do self training with gravitron. You can carry 5 of them at a time. Cost= 7,000

Saibaman Set
The Saibaman set is a little jar, containing several seeds. This jar will allow you to carry 10 saibamen at one time. Cost= 10,000

Basically a more powerful Saiba Man. This android comes in a capsule. You may carry only 3 and they have 5000 in all stats. They can choose 4 android moves, but no type of powerup. You can also save moves so that when they get stronger you can pick a stronger move. They grow by winning battles and self training. You cannot buy android upgrades for them. If they die once they die forever. Cost= 40,000 each

Tapion's Sword
The sword that Future Trunks is always carrying with him is Tapion's sword. It is given to Trunks by Tapion, a hero who almost sacrifices himself to save the world from a demon. It is very strong and made of extremely tough material. Cost= 15,000

Antidote: Banishes poison instantly 5 can be carried price: 1,000

Potera Earings: simulates fusion however effects are permanent. One pair needed for the two people to be fused. price: 100,000 a pair

Space Ships

Saiyan Space Pod:
The fastest ship in the fleet. This ship can only fit one and cant be used to train in. It can only be upgraded with a Ship Upgrade. Its only designed to get you where you want to go as fast as possible. Cost= 40,000.

Namek Ship:
The slowest ship in the entire fleet. Its huge size enables it to carry 4 people at a time. It comes with no add ons but can you can buy some for it. Cost= 45,000.

Capsule Corp Ship:
The 2nd fastest in the fleet. The ship is even bigger then the Namek Ship. It can carry up to 6 people at a time. It comes with a gravitron that has 100X Earths gravity. The Gravitron can not be upgraded past that. Cost= 65,000.

Chill Ship:
This ship is tied for the fastest with the Saiyan Space Pod. It is truly the best ship out there. It can hold up to 10 people at one and has a gravitron that can be upgraded. It easily surpasses the other ships. Cost= 100,000.

Space Ship Upgrades

Gravity Room
Dr. Briefs creates the gravity room for Vegeta to train in. The gravity room can achieve up to 500 times Earth's normal gravity. You can install this into your ship, but you must upgrade it in order for it to reach the next X10 of Earth's gravity. It starts at 100X Earth's gravity. See Gravitron Upgrade for how to upgrade. Cost= 35,000

Extra Thruster
This upgrade adds an extra thruster into your ships engines making it a day faster. Cost= 5,000

Android Upgrades

Scout Eye:
Similar to a scouter but built into the androids skull. It cannot be destroyed unless the Android takes severe damage to to head. Cost= 15,000

Eye Lasers:
Adds the move Eye Lasers to your abilities or makes you have "Eye Laser X". If you already have Eye Lasers it would causes double damage with the upgrade. Cost= 20,000

Vulcan Cannons:
Cannons that can be installed in the chest of the Android, or attached on the shoulders. They have two modes. One is, they can fire rapid bullets of energy like a Renzoku Energy Dan, or they can fire a powerful beam. Cost= 25,000 each. Max: 2

Leg Thrusters:
These are installed in the back of the Androids legs. They allow it to fly and move at incredible speeds. Adds 3000 to speed. Cost= 40,000

Extra Battery Power:
This is an extra power cell in the Androids body system. It is a small chip that is indestructable. It is located in the Androids chest, around where most of the armor is. Adds 5000 to Hp. Cost= 50,000

Power Upgrade: A tiny chip that is programmed in the Androids main memory bank. It sends out a signal that tells the other parts of the android to do prepare for an upgrade.
Adds: 10,000 to PL . Cost= 70,000

Extra Arm:
Another of the famous Android Upgrades. This attaches an extra arm, one below another. It allows the androids to use extra weapons, more lighting fast attacks in one turn, and it can also be used for defense when needed to. Adds 2000 to PL. Cost= 50,000 Per Arm. (Maximum of 4 extra ams)

Base Defenses

Beam Turrets:
Cannons made my Capsule Corp. These guns back quite a punch when it comes to defense. Its useful on weaker foes, but sooner or later will become defective against stronger foes. Cost= 12,000 each

Sercurity Cameras:
Cameras installed throughout your base, allowing you to moniter the happenings in your base. Good if your watching out for a suprise attack. Cost= 5,000 per camera.

Steel Doors:
These heavy doors protect your base from conventional forms of attack. A must have for any base. Cost= 20,000 for each set.