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Fighting Advantages: Are stronger, faster, more flexible, and more agile than any race they are cloned from.

Race Advantages: Can instantly heal cuts, bruises and broken bones. Can regenerate lost power fast, which makes it seem llike they have an unlimited source. Are almost imperveous to pain. All have model numbers burned on there necks. They are extremely intelligent, and muscular. They have a control over their powers that regular species may not ever get.

Background Information: Created by Dr. Gero's decendent. There hasn't been a confirmed number yet. Not much is known about this race except that they were created on earth. Few have ever seen any of this race.


Fighting Advantages:Has only 4 attacks. Is very fast. Can use same attacks as Saiyans and Humans, but not ozarroo.

Race Advantages:Eats only plants, Has pointy ears. Other than the pointy ears the look just like humans, but the dislike humans. They live in the forests of most planets, just hiding from the other residents of the planet. THhey can talk to animals. They are extremely fast & slender.

Background Information: THey originated from the planet earth, being a strange "mutation" from humans. Because they were different the humans cast the elfs aside & made them look evil. But while the humans were busy having wars & other useless inventions the elves were already in space talking to other civilizations. Although they may look like they are midevil beings in their housing structures & the way they dress they are way more advanced than humans.


Fighting Advantages: Speed(sometimes Lets moves which require More then 1 round Costs less rounds with speed), Accuracy

Race Advantages: Speedy, Dexterous, hard to hit, Great balance, Can Jump Kinda high.

Background Information: Come from the Planet Cosrin, are closely related to elves...just a bit taller.


Fighting Advantages Able to increase all stats by 10 for 5 turns afte that needs to wait a 2 weeks to do it again. Are able to speak read minds and move things with there minds. Race Advantages does not need Air water or food to live. Able to live under water. Able to blend in the dark. Able to breed with humans and saiyans

Background Info:Everyone in the race is as as space during an starless night. They come from the base race as the humans and saiyans that is why they look like them but are all around better.