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These are the special abilities that you can get. These will help you on your way to being just like one of the Dbz Fighters. They are useful if you want to be sneaky. You can also get these abilities if you have fought and lost to somebody that has them even if your pl doesn't make the requirements. The only downside to this is you can only get one ability per fight with the person who has the abilities you want. Unlike the moves as soon as your powerlevel reaches the requirements you automatically get the ability as long as you specify which one you want.

Power Level Hiding
This abilities allows you to hide your Power Level. In battle, you will be able to lie about your Power Level and do damage equal to what your Power Level is at. Later on during the battle though, you will be able to power up to your max if you feel like it. If you would like to hide your power level on the members page, just send your true stats to Requirements: Power Level of 50,000. Must have won and lost to someone that has this.

Ki Charge
You are allowed during the battle to charge your attack with some, or all of your Ki. The attack will then be stronger to the amount of Ki you used to charge your attack with. Useful if you want to power up an already strong attack. Requirements: Power Level of 20,000, Ki of 500.Must have won and lost to someone that has this.

This ability allows you to power up your speed so that you vanish from site. You are moving so quickly that your opponent will have to concentrate extremely hard to find you. If your speed is too high then it will be nearly impossible for your opponent to sense you. The person might be able to use a scouter to find you. Requirements: Power Level of 100,000 and Speed of 200,000. Lasts for 3 turns, can only be done once per battle. Must have won and lost to someone that has this.

PowerLevel Sensing
This is the ability to sense someone's pl. This can be very useful to know what you're up against in a fight and good to find out someone's real powerlevel if they are hiding it. You can also use this to find out someone's HP. requirements: 50,000. Must have won and lost to someone that has this.

Ki and Sp doubler
This ability allows you to double your Ki and Sp for 5 turns if you are at a weaker advantage this ability will gratly help you. Requirments: Power level of 150,000 and SSJ. Must have won and lost to someone that has this.