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Awake, O Sword, Against My Shepherd..,”

“Understanding the Waco event in its biblical context is not apart from direct involvement in it. This is about the enactment of an event where both the enactment and the understanding takes place together. It reflects what the Apostle Paul describes in Heb. 11:1, concerning faith, “…the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” Understanding what the scriptures teach concerning the truths of God requires our direct involvement with them… The experience of being involved provides the necessary means by which to know the biblical connection while at the same time allowing the event to become realized. This all takes place against the backdrop of faith in God as the overarching factor through which it is directed. Having advance appreciation of what the text states is helpful in so far as it provides the means to conceptually make sense of the event as it is being realized. But that appreciation is not what drives the event bringing about its fulfillment. It merely helps to bolster faith in the course of the event. We are not able to understand the complete purposes of God all at once. It is usually something mediated to us in measure, according to our faith. Making sense of it requires experiential knowing derived from having acted in faith based on what has already been set before us.

Ordinarily we go through life experiencing the world around us by our sensory contact with it and whatever impact we make upon it ourselves. This sets us in the past relative to what we experience of the world and no matter the extent of our impact upon it we remain powerless to change this order of things. What is the overall meaning of this? As we attempt to address this question not only are we seeking to understand the meaning of our own lives but of more importance the meaning of Life itself. By what measure do we employ to achieve this? Obviously this involves more than our sensory contact with the world around us and what we learn from our impact upon it. The reality of Life extends beyond just the earth and what our senses tells us about it. Earth is not separate from the greater eternity in which it exists. The matters concerning David Koresh and the Waco events were designed to provide a platform allowing us to extend beyond these. It dealt with matters of the future taking us beyond confinement to the past...Humanity is stuck in the past. The outward change of forms is not what constitutes the future. If all that men do merely amounts to what has gone before, but in a revised form, how is this regarded as the future? The reality of past, present and future along with everything associated with this is seen as illusionary; nothing more than the product of the human imagination. Is this what life on earth amounts to? If the imagination of men was purely what life on earth consisted of this would indeed be most distressing. For us at Mt. Carmel life meant far more than this. The meaning of life is seen in terms of the Judgment of God and beyond this, the greater will and purposes of God for the earth and the universe. We find in this a much more meaningful purpose to life than the shallow sensory gratification that now consumes the world…” p.81

NOTE: The full content of this chapter is contained in a soon to be published in book.

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