Virgil is the son of Joxer and Meg. He is first encountered in "Livia" when Gabrielle and Xena are introduced to him. He accompanies them to Rome but gets thrown into prison as an Eli worshipper. After Xena fights Livia in the arena and beats her, Virgil and the others are set free. Virgil then accompanies Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer in pursuit of Livia.

In "Eve", Joxer sends Virgil to fetch Xena when Gabrielle is captured by Livia. Joxer goes after Livia himself and dies protecting Gabrielle. Virgil swears revenge for his father's murder and goes after Livia, along with Xena and Gabrielle. However, he is not given the opportunity to kill her.

In "Motherhood", Eve visits Virgil to ask for his forgiveness. Virgil still wants to kill her but Xena stops him. Virgil then leaves for Athens to be with his mother, Meg.

The next time we encounter Virgil is in the episode "Heart Of Darkness". Gabrielle comes across a man being kicked and beaten to the ground by Virgil. Along with everyone else, he is being affected by the darkness around him. At Xena's party, Virgil and Gabrielle end up kissing passionately, seemingly unconcerned about what anyone might think. However, once the darkness has been vanquished, both Virgil and Gabrielle are embarrassed about their behaviour.

Virgil appears again in the episode "Who's Gurkhan?". He reluctantly poses as a slave trader in the slave markets and sells Xena to Gurkhan. When Gabrielle finds out, she is furious and insists that Virgil take her to Gurkhan's palace, offering her as a gift. Although clearly uncomfortable about this, Virgil does as he is asked. He then goes back to the ship to await Xena and Gabrielle's return.

In "The Abyss", Virgil and his friend, Hosep are seen running away from a group of cannibals. Virgil escapes from them initially but is captured by them after following them to their camp. He is placed in a hut with another prisoner, Rubio and learns his fate. When Gabrielle is also captured, Virgil offers himself in her place but is ignored. Luckily, Xena arrives to rescue Gabrielle and Virgil and Rubio make their escape. Virgil and Gabrielle hide in the woods and prepare to cut the vines that will flood the canyon below. By doing this, all the cannibals are wiped out and the party can relax for a while. This is the last we saw of Virgil, so we may never know what became of him.