The son of Borias and Xena. When Borias was killed, Xena asked her enemy, the Centaur leader Kaleipus, to raise and care for her child, as she was afraid she would not be able to protect him from her enemies (see "Past Imperfect"). As Borias had helped the Centaurs, Kaleipus agreed. Many years later, Xena returns for Solan but discovers that he hates her, believing she killed his father (see "Orphan Of War"). Xena denies this and eventually proves this to Solan but finds herself unable to tell him she is his mother. A year later, Xena visits the Centaur village where a treaty is being signed between the different factions in order to bring peace. However, Hope releases Callisto from the lava flow and then kills both Kaleipus and Solan (see "Maternal Instincts"). In the "Bitter Suite", Xena meets the spirit of Solan and apologises for not telling him she is his mother.

Later, we find out that Solan asked to be put in Tartarus so he would not forget his loved ones (see "God-Fearing Child"). Xena rescues him from Tartarus and persuades him to enter the Elysian Fields.