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Hey!!! 05/08/2002,

I just updated the picture gallery with more than 40 pictures! Now available : Lucy's jouth pictures!! and some pictures from "The Simpsons"!!! Just go to the "pictures" and then click "Xena" or "The Simpsons"!!! Soon I will be updating Renee's youth pictures! Bye bye!!!

Hello!, 09/05/2002

I just heard some amazing news! Lucy Lawless gave birth to her third child, Judah Miro Tapert. Go to my specially designed webpage for more news : click here !

Hi there! 6/05/2002

First of all I wanna thank all the people who gave me an award. So thank you! I will be giving out an award I made myself soon, but it's not ready yet ; I'm working on it :). If you want your banner on my site, just send me an email, and then I'll check your page. I hope you'll put my banner on your site too.

For the rest everything is great here in Belgium, except for the weather of course! Rain, rain, and rain! Anyway, I love living here. If you want to know more about Belgium or if you want to tell me something about your country, you can always email me :) !

It's possible that my news won't be updated for a long time. There will be exams soon and then I'll have to study of course :( ! But now I'm still on, so...I also have to read a few English books, so if you have any good ones...You know it...just email me!

Well, I have to go now. I'll change my page a little bit(I love doing that!!!). Before you go, please sign my guestbook ! Thanks ! Bye bye and don't forget:

                              Battle on, my friends !!!

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