He calls himself Joxer the Mighty :). Joxer first appears in "Callisto" when he tries to offer his services as a warrior to Xena. When she rejects him, he tries to join Callisto's army and, as a test, promises to kidnap Gabrielle and bring her to Callisto. To say he fails miserably would be an understatement. Even so, whilst incredibly inept as a warrior, Joxer has shown himself to be extremely loyal and surprisingly brave. Although contemptuous of Gabrielle at first, he has grown to love her as more than just a friend but sadly (for him) his love is unreciprocated.

After Xena and Gabrielle disappear from the face of the earth in "Looking Death In The Eye", Joxer settles down with Meg. When he meets up with Xena and Gabrielle again he is an old man and has several children (see "Livia"). He and his son, Virgil accompany Xena and Gabrielle as they track down Livia/Eve (see "Eve"). However, when Livia/Eve captures Gabrielle, Joxer tries to rescue her so Livia/Eve kills him instead.

Joxer appears as a ghost in "Looking Death In The Eye" but this turns out to be a trick, instigated by the Furies, to persuade Gabrielle to kill Eve. His last appearance is in the Season 6 episode "Soul Possession".

Joxer has awarded himself a number of titles, such as Joxer the Dangerous ("King Of Assassins") and Joxer the Magnificent ("Return Of Callisto", "Warrior, Princess, Tramp", "Intimate Stranger"). However, his most well-known title is that of Joxer the Mighty. This is first referred to in "For Him The Bell Tolls" but is also mentioned in "The Play's The Thing", "Kindred Spirits" and "Eve".

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