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Dragons’ magical nature allows them to crossbreed with virtually any creature. This usually occurs while the dragon has changed its shape; sometimes a dragon then abandons the crossbreed young.

Half-dragon creatures are always more formidable than their fellows, and their appearance betrays their nature -- scales, elongated features, reptilian eyes, and exaggerated teeth and claws. Sometimes they have wings.

Traits of a Half-Dragon
• Low-light vision, and darkvision up to 60feet.
• Immune to sleep and paralysis spells and poisons, as well as gaining an immunity based on the type of dragon they are. Here is a simple chart, for other dragons, see the dragon charter.

Dragon Variety
Dragon Variety
Black Acid   Brass Fire
Blue Electricity   Bronze Electricity
Green Acid   Copper Acid
Red Fire   Gold Fire
White Cold   Silver Cold

(from DnD)


These half dragons have a tendency towards evil. Most are tough, mean and tend to bully. They make good fighters and some make decent thieves. All can be mages but none are particularly good at the magical arts.

Chromatic Half Dragon cannot naturally assume a humanoid form and most of them actively dislike humanoids. 

There are several methods a chromatic Dragon can use to assume a humanoid from and procreate with a humanoid. A Limited Wish and Shapechange, a Wish, Polymorph or ShapeChange or Metamorphosis and the blessing of a Deity or  ShapeShift. Additionally it is possible a clerical spell of fertility could be researched. However all of these spells are not normally available to these dragons. The humanoid parent must be a powerful wizard or cleric or aid of one must be acquired.  


Half Black Dragons are big and mean with fierce tempers. Most are half Human, or Half Drow. Most become fighters, smaller ones tend to become thieves or bards.

Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Glossy jet black skin, larger then average human heavy set with muscles. Black, red or yellow eyes. Black, Red or White hair. Sometimes mistaken for Drow.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Pale to Dark blue skin fading to green around the abdomen. Blue hair, nails and blue or green eyes.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Tall and slim, slightly yellowed or green skin with a green fin starting at the forehead going over the head and ending on the back of the neck. Green or blond hair. Green or blond eyes.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Brilliant red hair. Often deep red skin and nails or pink. Often very big and muscular.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Small and thin, very elflike, pale or even white skin.



These half dragons are normally Neutral in alignment and have a natural affinity to psionics. 

Gem dragons have beautiful gem colored skin, hair, nails and eyes. There is a liquid quality to their voice. Most are not as strong as other half dragons but they are tough and intelligent with wisdom.

These Dragons are rare and can not naturally assume a humanoid form. They live a solitary life away from general society studying magic or psionics.

There are several methods a Gem Dragon can use to assume a humanoid from and procreate with a humanoid, including wish spells, polymorph spells, shapechange or metamorphosis. Additionally it is possible a clerical spell of fertility could be researched. However all of these spells are not normally available to these dragons, except Amethyst. The humanoid parent must be a powerful wizard or cleric or aid of one must be acquired. 


Alignment Tendency: True Neutral

Appearance: Violet skin with shoulder spikes, semi translucent violet nails.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Thin and slim like an elf. Crystal like nails, normal skin, brilliant blond or blue hair.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Green skin, hair, nails.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Very beautiful male or female. Lightly blue skin.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Yellow to orange skin. Orange eyes.



These half dragons are the good and honorable ones and the natural enemies of the chromatic dragons. Most metallic half dragons share the benefit of the two breath weapons that their parent possesses as well as a strong talent for magic.

Metallic Half Dragons are the most common variety.  


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Always very tan. Skin from yellow to green.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Good

Appearance: Bronze color.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Copper colored


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Good

Special: Human/Gold Dragons often become Paladins.

Appearance: Gold tint to skin. Blond hair.


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Good

Appearance: Normal Human, silver hair.




Alignment Tendency: Neutral

Appearance: Brown to black skin.


Alignment Tendency: Neutral

Appearance: Multicolored skin and hair.


Alignment Tendency: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: As drow


Alignment Tendency: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Blue hair/skin

Half - Dragon Abilities

A half dragon begins as an even mix of dragon and humanoid. However as the half dragon advances, he or she becomes more dragon-like, developing traits from the dragon parent. The development of Claws and a Breath weapon are consistent with all Half Dragons, taking place when the half-dragon reaches maturity.  These are the Half Dragon's two Fixed Abilities. Other changes are different from half dragon to half dragon, even those of the same race.

In some cases the Half Dragon never learns to use his abilities as well as his dragon parent. Or simply the union of dragon and humanoid has produced strange genetic side effects. Whatever the case these side effects are permanent and hinder that one ability. Some abilities have two or more side effects. 

The two fixed abilities of all Half Dragons are the development of claws and the development of a breath weapon at maturity. These do not come with penalties.

Claw attacks are treated like a normal weapon attack and are limited to the Half Dragon's normal attacks per round. 

Breath weapons vary in type, damage, range and area of effect. 

Using your Breath Weapon in a Normal Spar or MS

Your Breath Weapon is registered as a +5 Attack Enhancer and may be used *once* in a spar or mass spar.

When using your breath weapon in a match such as a spar, mass spar, etc, you must state your half-dragon registration in brackets, your breath weapon name, then roll your dice. +5 is added to the score, as per a normal Enhancer.

>> HDR001, Acid Breath Weapon +5
(Then roll your dice)
(+5 is added to your hp)

Your character *must* be in their half draconic  form to use their breath weapon.
Think about it, if you can't use your dragon wings while masked as a humanoid, then why should you be able to use your breath weapon?

Breath Attacks

Half Dragon Breath attacks, like their dragon parent's, do not differentiate between friend and foe. Anyone within range is affected by the attack. Half dragons are very resistant to their own breath attack, however they have no resistance to the same attack from another Half Dragon or Dragon unless they take Resistance or Immunity to that attack.

The use of a Breath Weapon is exhausting for a Half Dragon and leaves the half dragon tired until he or she can rest for 1 turn. (A turn is skipped after using it). Resting means no casting, using powers or being involved in combat.

CHROMATIC Breath Weapon

Black Acid 10' long

Blue Lightening 15' long

Green Chlorine Gas 10' cube

Red Fire 10' long

White Cold 10' long


Amethyst Violet Lozenge 20' Range, 5' area of effect. Save vs breath or knocked down

Crystal Cone of Shards 20' Range.  Save vs breath or blinded for 1D4 rounds

Emerald Sonic 10' Range. Save vs Breath or stunned 1 round (lose turn)

Sapphire Sonic 10' Range.  Save vs breath or run away in fear for 1 round (lose turn)

Topaz Dehydration 10' Range. Save vs breath or lose 2 points of strength for 1 hour


1 Heat 10' long

2 Sleep Gas 10' long, Save vs Breath or KO'ed for 1D4 rounds

1 Lightening 15' long

2 Repulsion 10' long, save vs Breath or flee for 1D4 rounds

1 Slow Gas 10' long, save vs Breath or slowed for 1D4 rounds

2 Acid 10' long

1 Fire 10' long

2 Chlorine 10' long

1 Cold 8' long

2 Paralysing Gas 8' long, save vs Breath or paralysed 1 round


Brown Acid 10' long

Cloud Icy Air 30' long

Chiang Lung None -- ---- ----

Deep Flesh Corrosive Gas, 5' long

Iron Sparks 10' long

Mercury Light 10'  Wings: Mirror 40' Save vs Breath or blinded for 1D6 rounds

Mist Steam 10' 

Shadow Darkness 10' save vs spell

Shen Lung None -- ---- ----

Steel Toxic Gas 10' cube, Save vs Breath

Yellow Heated Sand 10' 

You may choose 1 discretionary power as a half-dragon.

Darkness -
Darkness has a radius of 20 feet +2 feet per level above 4. It functions for 1 round per level +1 round and can only be used once per day. Darkness completely blocks all normal vision, infravision and ultravision but is negated by any Light spell. No penalties for this power.

InfraVision - Taken once this grants 60 foot infravision.  No penalties for this power.

Immunity - This grants complete immunity to all damage from this source. This does not apply to clothing, items or other persons.  Take 2 penalties.

Jumping - The half dragon has very powerful leg muscles and can jump up ten feet and forward twenty feet. This ability has no penalty.

Resistance - This grants a +2 defense/save to all attacks of this type. Resistance does not apply to clothing, items or other persons. Take only 1 penalty total.

Resistance/Immunity List


Chlorine Gas

Corrosive Gas




Euphoria Gas 

Fire (Heat)

Force Attacks 

Light Attacks

Paralyzation Gas 


Repulsion Gas

 Sleep Gas

Sonic Attacks

Toxic Gas

 Dehydration Attacks

ShapeChange - The character gains the ability to shapechange into a Reptile, bird and mammal once a day.

Tail - A tail is highly cosmetic but can attack for +3 atk. 

UltraVision - This grants 60 foot ultravision. (Ultraviolet.). No penalties for this power.

Water Breathing - This grants the ability to breath in any oxygenated liquid, primarily salt or fresh water bodies. Anyone with this ability will not suffer side effects from prolonged exposure to water, and has a second clear eyelid to protect the eye from water. Bonus: Swimming. No penalty.

Wings - These provide the Half Dragon with flying. While flying the Half Dragon can only hold up to Weight Allowed by his Strength score. Wings can be used to attack and inflict +3 points of damage.  

Pictures from the DnD PC Portraits Online

The Coordinator will roll randomly for a penalty, if your power calls for one. 


01 Armorless

02 Burn Out

03 Delayed power

04 Enemy Attractor

05 Energy Source

07 Exhaustion

08 Low Strength

09 Irritation

10 Material Component

11 Magical Disruption

12 Power Conflict

13 Sensory Overload

14 Spiritual Requirement

15 Solar Powered

16-20 Roll again*

Armorless: The power can not be used in any form of armor.

Burn Out
The power is so strong that there is a 25% chance it will knock out the user. KO lasts 1D4 rounds and can not cast spells for 2 turns.

Delayed power Power takes 1 rounds to cast, you must lose a turn before AND after you use the power.

Enemy Attractor
The closest hostile creature knows exactly where the user is and the fastest route to him.

Energy Source This ability requires a source of energy. This could be a large fire, magical source of energy or other strong radiation. This power will only work near these sources and will slowly drain the source of energy.

A side effect of the power is a terrible rash. 

Material Component This power requires a material component which is consumed. The component should be rare or hard to find.

Magical Disruption
The nature of the power is such that if it comes into contact with other magic a wild surge occurs. If the surge indicates the spell worked, then the power continues to work, otherwise the power fails.

Power Display Use of power results in the side effect of bright colorful cantrips that make the user obvious and point him out as a magic user to all within sight.

Sensory Overload The use of this power leaves the user blind, deaf, mute or incapable of smelling or feeling for the duration of the power plus 1 hour.

Spiritual Requirement The user must pray for 1 hour each day to use this power.

Solar Powered This ability requires sunlight or it does not function.


To use these powers you must be recognized ( registered ) as your race. One parent must be a full dragon, in order to register as a half-dragon. You also must have 3d dice, then you can register them in Umbra Victus.

Please fill out the following form and send it to the 2d/3d Creatures of Wonder Coordinator (See HC List).

1. Screen Name in lower case:
2. Name:
3. Mother's Race:
4. Father's Race:
(Please be sure to state what color of dragon).
5. Description:
6. Alignment:
7. Innate Immunity:
8. Discretionary Power Chosen:
9. Does your power come with a penalty?
10. Breath Weapon:
11. Guild/Clan or Freelance #:
12. Dice and Experience:
13. Do you have any questions about the Dragon Charter or how to use your powers within this forum?:

If you are applying as a sim player, please make that clear by stating "sim" where it asks for dice. You may then use racial abilities in your sim spars and in roleplaying your character, and your reg will have an "s" in front of it. You may only use racial abilities against other sim players, you cannot expect dicers to be forced to accept sim attempts, nor can simmers be forced to accept dice attempts. If you do not hold dice and are strictly a sim player, state that in your profile! You must hold sim regs (see sim charter) before you can gain any other registrations for simming.



Dragon Child (Alteration)
This spell may be purchased by a regg'd cleric for 10,000 gold pieces.

Range: Touch

Sphere: Necromancy

Components: V,S,M

Duration: Special

Casting Time: 1 hour

Area of effect: 1 dragon

Saving Throw: none

Creator: Paladine

Reference: Mark Charke

This spell transforms a dragon into a humanoid long enough to mate with the humanoid. If the dragon is female, the transformation will last roughly one year during which time the dragon has none of her dragon abilities. If the dragon is male, the transformation lasts twenty four hours. The resulting child will be a Half Dragon.

Normally only the oldest Amethyst Dragons can cast this spell but it can also be requested as a quest spell so that any dragon capable of casting clerical spells can attempt to get the spell.

Casting this spell ages the dragon 100 years and the humanoid 10 years. Both must give the child part of their spirit for it to live. 

Black, Green, White, Brown, Mercury and Yellow dragons do not have access to clerical spells and thus are unable to cast this spell. They must seek the aid of a powerful cleric who has access to this spell. In this case the cleric looses one point of constitution in casting the spell and he must have the consent of his deity.

In order for this spell to work, several conditions must be met. The Dragon and humanoid must truly love each other and want a child. No charming or other deceptive magic may be in place. The union must have blessing of the Dragon's deity and the humanoid's deity. Neither may have had children with anyone else.

Much information gleaned from the article called Half-Dragons, by Mark Charke. 

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