Chapter 99

Becca sat still as Sarah finished brushing her hair.  Conversation had been sparse…mostly Sarah making sure she wasn’t hurting her.  She knew her best friend was punishing herself but her mind was a jumble of thoughts and none of them had to do with Sarah. 

Sarah moved away.  “Done.  Want some make-up?” 

“Nah, thanks though.”  Becca gave a heavy sigh.  “I will be SO glad to get out of here.” 

“I know….I hate hospitals too.” 

“No?  Really?” teased Becca and then giggled.  “You’ve been around Kevin too much….the master of the obvious understatements.” 

Sarah blushed.  “Sorry.” 

Becca reached out to take Sarah’s hand.  “Stop punishing yourself.  We all make mistakes.”

”Yeah, but I keep doing the same thing over and over….ever since we met.” 

“Just let it go.  It’s over and done with now.” 

“I really don’t mean to be so selfish.” 


Before Becca could finish her sentence, Nick burst through the door.  “YO! YO! YO!  The main attraction is HERE!” 

Becca rolled her eyes and said, “You don’t hold a candle to him.” 

Sarah giggled and moved to hug Howie who had followed Nick into the room. 

“What have my two favorite ladies been up to?” 

“Sarah was helping me get cleaned up,” replied Becca as she gave Nick a kiss. 

“Cool, cuz I just spoke to the doc and he’s springing you today.” 

“Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!” sang Becca. 

Nick took a seat on the bed beside Becca wrapping his arm around her.  “Sarah, I have a HUGE favor to ask you.” 

“What’s up, Nicky?” 

“Would you stay with Becca and GT while I’m in LA to work on my CD?” 

“Whoa, Nick….I told you Sarah has plans for that week,” interjected Howie.  “We’re headed to Nashville so she and Jon can work on some material.” 

Becca perked up.  “Oh WOW!  I’d forgotten all about you doing that.  Is it going to be just Jon?” 

“No, Richie is gonna be there too,” answered Sarah with a goofy smile. 

Howie shook his head watching his wife. 

“Can’t she put it off until I get back?”  whined Nick. 

“See, I told you,” smirked Becca to Sarah. 

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?” 

“Never mind.” 

Sarah gave a giggle as Howie said, “No, she can’t.  Richie and Jon are on a tight schedule.”

”Why not ask Lynne?” suggested Sarah. 

“Because I wanted YOU to do it,” pouted Nick. 

“But Lynne is the nurse and it would make more sense.”  Looking at Becca, “Sis, I would LOVE to help but….” 

“I understand.” 

“Hmph!  Guess I’ll just have to put it off until you can go with me.   That way, we can look for a house too.” 

Sarah saw Becca’s mood go dark as she asked, “Why are you looking for a house in LA?” 

“Just makes more sense instead of having to pay for a hotel.  I’m going to be out there for a while and I want Becca and GT with me.” 

“We should all be looking for a place in LA,” said Howie. 

“Why, ‘D’?” asked Sarah looking over her shoulder at him. 

“You and I are both going to be out there more with our careers and I want the children with us.” 

“What’s going on, Howie?” asked Becca. 

“Management’s contract with the studio here is running out and they aren’t renewing it,” answered Nick. 

Sarah looked surprised.  “But what about Johnny Wright and your talks with him?” 

“We haven’t confirmed anything yet.  We’re headed there now,” said Howie.  “I brought you the keys so that you can take Becca home and I’ll ride with Nick.” 

Both men gave their wives kisses before heading off to their meeting. 

Alone again, Sarah said, “You don’t like the idea of moving to LA, do you?” 

“Not at all.  The day I had the wreck, Nick and I had had an argument about it.  That’s partially the reason why he came back without me.” 

“We really haven’t talked about that day.”

”Oh, it was a real winner!!  He dumped A LOT on me.  First, he’s already put the house there on the market and we’re moving the boat to Marathon and he told me to find someone to handle my house because we are moving to LA.” 

“WHOA!  He’s already put the house on the market?  Becca?” 

“I know but wait, there is more.  Seems Bob and Jane are getting a divorce.” 

“I had heard rumors about it but Howie didn’t know anything about it.  What happened?”

“According to Nick, Jane caught Bob in bed with a younger woman.” 

“Oh wow!!  How’s Nick handling this?” 

“He won’t talk about it.  He’s focusing on moving to LA.  I understand and what is upsetting me is that he won’t talk to me about it and he’s not letting me have any say in all of this.  He’s even thinking about doing a reality show with Aaron and the girls.” 

“What in the world would they do?” 

“He hasn’t gotten that far.  I’m hoping he’ll forget about it though.  So, have you and Howie talked about moving to LA?” 

“He’s mentioned it but we haven’t really talked about it.  I think he’s waiting until Jesse is out of school and we know what this summer is going to be like.” 

Becca and Sarah continued to talk about the whole LA issue and the problems with management the guys were having until the doctor came in with the release papers for Becca to sign.  She was free to go after 3 days in the hospital.

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