Chapter 91

Howie stood at the door of their bedroom looking at the effects of ‘Hurricane’ Sarah and shook his head.  Calmly, he made his way through the debris of clothes and shoes she’d strewn everywhere.  He found her in their closet staring at herself in the full-length mirror.  She was wearing a beautiful dress that matched her eyes. 

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he placed a kiss on her neck and said, “You look absolutely stunning.” 

Sarah melted into his embrace.  “You are so wonderful.” 

“So are you, ‘Angel’.  Is this what you’re going to wear?” 

“I don’t know, ‘D’.  NOTHING fits right because I’m FAT!” she pouted.   

Howie laughed softly.  “You are NOT fat, Sarah.  You just haven’t lost all the baby weight yet.  You just gave birth….” 

“That was FOUR WEEKS AGO!” 

Howie turned her to face him and put his hands on either side of her face.  “Sarah, you were pregnant for nine months.  You aren’t going to lose it overnight.  Relax!  I think you are absolutely gorgeous and once you get back to performing, the rest of the weight will come off in no time.” 

“Can’t I just hide here tonight and you go without me?” 

“No, you can’t.  This is for the foundation that YOU are very much a part of and I want you with me.” 

“Why didn’t Angie tell me about it?” 

“She probably forgot or figured I’d tell you.  I’m going to check on Jesse while you finish getting ready.” 

“I love you, ‘D’.” 

“I love you too, Sarah,” replied Howie giving her a kiss. 

As Howie headed back out, he heard Sarah mumbling and he couldn’t stifle the chuckle.  He adored his wife, even when she was ‘obsessing’ about her weight. 

Out in the living room, Ilse was helping Jesse finish her homework but when Howie came out, Jesse quit what she was doing.

“Where’s Mami?” 

“Getting dressed.” 

“Does she suspect anything?” asked Ilse. 

“Not a thing!  It was the perfect idea to do this before her birthday.” 

“I wish I could go,” pouted Jesse. 

Howie laughed seeing the all too familiar pout from his daughter.  He scooped the little girl up in his arms and gave her a kiss.  “I promise, you and DJ and Caro and I will give Mami a private party tomorrow.” 

“Okie dokie, daddio!”  she sang merrily as she hugged him. 

Sarah came out of the bedroom wearing a pale orchid dress and her hair pinned back on one side with a matching butterfly clip. 

“WOW! Mami, you look GORGEOUS!” 

“Thank you, baby!” 

Howie set Jesse down and took Sarah’s hand pulling her close to him.  “Gorgeous is an understatement.  You are absolutely stunning!  I’m gonna have to call Raoul and Tommy to come keep the guys back so I can have you to myself.” 

A pale pink colored her cheeks as Sarah put her other hand on his chest.  “You always make me feel so special,” she whispered. 

“That’s because you are,” smiled Howie.  “Are you ready to go?” 

“I guess.”  Hearing DJ starting to whimper over the baby monitor, Sarah looked up into his eyes.  “Howie….I’m not sure….”

Putting his finger on her lips to silence her, he said, “Ilse knows how to take care of the children and YOU are the one who wanted to get back into the swing of things.” 

“Yeah, but….I’ve been gone all day and now, I’m going out for the night.” 

“It’s just one night, Angel, and we won’t be that far from home.  We’ll be able to get back here in a flash if Ilse needs us but she WON’T need us.”

”It’ll be okay, Mami,” said Jesse taking Sarah’s hand. 

“Ilse, CALL us if you need us.”

”I promise.  Now go have fun.” 

Howie put his hand on Sarah’s lower back as she gave Jesse a kiss then gently pushed her towards the door.  He knew once she was at the party she’d be okay.  It was just getting her there.  Thankfully the restaurant was only ten minutes down the road. 

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