Written By Special Guest Author Becca O.

Chapter 9

Garrett had just been tucked in when the lights of an approaching car swept across the wall of the darkened room. Becca closed the door gently, and tiptoed down the stairs. She reached the front door and opened it just as Sarah had her finger poised to ring the bell.

“Sarah, go home.”

“I love you too, sis. Now tell me what’s going on and I’ll go away.”

“Where’s Jesse?”

“With Kryss. Stop avoiding the question. And get me a pillow for my back.” She waddled to the sofa and Becca propped an extra cushion behind her back and another one under her feet.

“I swear, if you go into labor tonight I’ll never forgive myself.”

“We’ll blame blondie, so you’re off the hook. Now tell me what’s going on. Becca, what I heard-”

“Welcome to my life. What you heard was what the neighbors hear almost every night.  If I’m lucky, he just doesn’t come home at all.”

“Bec, that’s not the Nick I know,” Howie said softly.

“It’s not the Nick I married, either.” Becca plucked at the fringe on the pillow she clutched to her breast and huge, fat tears spilled over and down her cheeks.

Sarah sighed. “Come over here,” she said, tugging on Becca’s hand and pulling her closer. The dam had burst, and there was no stopping it. Becca lay her head in Sarah’s lap and sobbed, relieved to finally be able to talk to someone.

Howie watched as Sarah stroked her hair, and he touched a gentle hand to Sarah’s shoulder. “I’ll be back,” he said quietly. “If it gets to be too late, I want you to just sleep here. I’ll call Kryss and make arrangements for Jesse.”

“Where are you going?”

His face a grim mask, he simply said, “To find Nick.”

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