Chapter 89

As Ilse and Jesse were clearing the table, the doorbell rang and Howie heard Jesse race to answer it. 

“Uncle Nicky!” shrieked Jesse.  “What are you doing here?” 

“I came to see your mother.” 

Howie could tell by the tone of Nick’s voice that he was mad about something.  He quickly moved to the door and said, “She’s not here, Nick.  What’s wrong?” 

“I want to know what the hell she said to upset Becca.” 

“What makes you think Sarah said something?” 

“Who else besides me can cause her to cry?  She’s been a mess ever since I got home and when I ask her what’s wrong, all she can say is, ‘nothing you can fix’.” 

“So she never actually said Sarah upset her?” 


”Look, I don’t argue that Sarah has a knack for pissing Becca off but we need to find out from them what happened.”

Nick sagged, “Howie, I’m worried.  Bec’s REALLY upset.  I haven’t seen her this bad since we thought Sarah was on that flight.”

Remembering the panic attack that had hospitalized Becca and led to Garrett’s birth, Howie asked, “You didn’t leave her alone, did you?”

“Nah, I called Lynne to come stay with her.  So, where is Sarah anyway?”

“She went out for a run almost two hours ago,” answered Howie glancing at the clock.

“Dude, its DARK outside!  Don’t you think you should go find her?”

“She needs her space, Nick, but I did offer to go with her. I was watching for her when you got here.”

“Let’s go back out then and see if she’s headed back.”

The two men went to the balcony, Howie in the lead, and when he reached the rail, he spotted Sarah making her way back to the condo.  He could see the smile as she spotted him but it quickly disappeared and she froze.  Looking over his shoulder, he realized she’d spotted Nick.

“Looks like it DOES have to do with Becca,” said Nick as Sarah turned and raced back for the beach.

“You need to clear out, Nick.”

“I want to know what happened, ‘D’….so I can help Becca.”

Howie looked from Nick to Sarah who was now standing near the edge of the water and back at Nick.  “Tell you what, I’ll go talk to her and I’ll call if she doesn’t want to face you.”

“Okay….I guess.”

“And Nick, if Sarah isn’t ready to talk to you, you need to leave….don’t try to hang around and talk to her anyway.”


“I mean it, Nick.  I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know what’s going on.”


Nick stayed on the balcony and watched as Howie made his way across the beach.

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