Chapter 62

Howie stayed in the nursery for almost half an hour with Caroline and DJ trying to figure out how to tell Sarah about her father.  There was no easy way so he made up his mind that as soon as she woke, he’d tell her.  He just hoped the right words would come to him. 

Walking down the hall, he heard the elevator ding and then “Papi!”  Jesse flew down the hall and into his waiting arms.  God, this was exactly what he needed!  This made all the troubles seem like minor irritations. 

“How’s my little princess?” 

“I’m great but you look sad.  Why do you look sad?” asked the little girl as she played with his curls. 

Howie gave a sigh.  “I just got some news that I need to tell your mom and it’s going to make her cry.” 

“She’ll be okay, Papi.  You’ll make it all better for her.” 

“I hope so, Princess….I hope so.” 

Momma D put her hand on Howie’s arm.  “Son, do you want to talk?” 

“Jess, why don’t you go with Raoul to your mom’s room?  I’ll be there in a minute.”  As Jesse started towards Sarah’s room, Howie said, “Princess, if your mom is still asleep, don’t wake her.” 

“Yes sir.” 

As soon as Jesse disappeared, Howie explained, “Sarah’s dad isn’t doing well and he called her ex-mother-in-law.  Now I need to tell Sarah and I don’t know how.” 

“I’m sure you’ll find the right words to tell her, Howard,” reassured his mother as she caressed his cheek.  “She adores you, son.” 

Howie blushed as he said, “She’s pretty special to me too, Mami.”

“Now you listen to me.  Sarah’s just given you two very beautiful babies and you should both be celebrating the joy.  She looks at you as if you walk on water and if you tell her it’s going to be okay, she’s going to trust you.  She knows her father is ill so just be there for her like you always are.” 

“Thanks, Mami,” smiled Howie as he gave his mother a kiss on the cheek.  “How much longer are you going to stay?” 

“A little longer but I’m going down to spend a little time with my grandchildren while you spend time with your wife and other daughter.” 

“Want me to go down with you….so you can go in the nursery?” 

“No, Sarah already took care of that for me earlier.  Shoo…go spend time with Jesse and Sarah.”

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