Chapter 6

Sarah picked and prodded at her dinner as Jesse went on and on about her day.  Her mind was definitely not in the conversation.  Instead, it was forty miles west, in Orlando.  What was going on with Becca and Nick?

Howie watched his wife knowing exactly what was going through her mind and he tried to intercept Jesse’s questions.

“Mommy!  You aren’t listening to me!”  stated Jesse.

 “Princess, your mom has a lot on her mind right now.”

“More important than me?”

“No….not by ANY means,” insisted Howie.  “It’s just that she knows you're okay.”

“And Aunt Becca’s not okay?”

“That’s what has us BOTH worried, ‘Princess’.”  Seeing that Jesse was satisfied, Howie reached over and took Sarah’s hand in his.  Giving her a gentle squeeze, he urged, “Angel, you need to eat.”

“I’m not all that hungry, ‘D’,” she whispered.

“Daddy, may I be ‘scused?”

Howie turned back to his daughter to see that she’d cleaned her plate.  “Put your plate on the counter by the sink and go play for a little while.  I’ll come help you with your bath as soon as I finish in the kitchen.”

“Yes sir.”

As Jesse started to leave with her plate, Sarah managed to ask, “Do you have any homework, baby?”

“No ma’am.  Aunt Polly helped me,” and Jesse disappeared into the kitchen.

Sarah let out a sigh and dropped the forkful of food she was playing with.  “I hate this.”

“Angel, I thought you LOVED Becca’s cooking.  She’d be devastated if she knew.”

Sarah rolled her eyes seeing him wink at her.  “You dork!  You know full well I wasn’t talking about the food.”

“Yeah, I know,” laughed Howie.  Sighing himself, Howie played with Sarah’s fingers and said, “Sarah, there’s nothing either one of US can do until either Becca or Nick tells us what’s going on.  Just let it go.  Becca will eventually tell you when she’s ready.”

“God, she infuriates me when she does this.  She holds things in until they build up and then when she can’t hold it back any more, it’s like a dam bursting.”

“Judging by the tears she was fighting, that dam is about to burst.”

“I swear, if that boy hurts her, I’m gonna KILL him,” fumed Sarah.

“Don’t let this upset you and cause your blood pressure to go up.  If you’ll eat, I promise to call Becca and check on her.”

“Yes dear,” smirked Sarah as she picked up her fork.

“That’s a good girl,” praised Howie as he leaned to give her a kiss.

As the two finished their dinner, Kryss and Dusty arrived to bring Sarah the reports from the youth center.  Not having had any dinner, Howie insisted that the two fix themselves a plate and join them.

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