Chapter 58

Howie had been in the nursery when Sarah was moved to a private room but AJ had called to let him know where she was.  When he’d joined her, she was still asleep and AJ had decided to go home hoping Howie would try to get some sleep but that wasn’t going to happen.  Howie was too wired from all that had happened.  If management had asked them to do a show, he felt like he’d be able to do it and still run a marathon.   

The sun was now streaming through the blinds falling on Sarah as Howie watched her sleeping.  He wanted to yell it to the world how much he loved her.  For nine months, she’d carried Caroline and DJ inside her.  She’d suffered morning sickness non-stop, dizzy spells, and endured a month of bed rest.  She’d survived the horrific tragedy of September 11th and her past rearing its head when David raped her but she’d done it without complaint.  She’d even promised him another baby if that’s what he wanted.  Giving her the world was no where near enough for him to show her just how much he loved her. 

The door opened quietly.  “Son?” 

Howie looked up to see his mother at the door.  “Mami!  What are you doing here so early?” 

“A certain little girl wanted to see the babies and her parents before she went to school.  Is Sarah asleep?” 

“Yes ma’am.  Where is my little princess?” asked Howie expecting her to be with his mother. 

“Pollyanna took her to the nursery.” 

“She’s not going to be able to see them.  I made arrangements to have them in a room away from the window.  I’ll call down and get them to bring them to the room.” 

Howie started for the phone but Momma D stopped him.  “Let Sarah sleep.  Why don’t you go down with Jesse and spend a little time as a family?” 

Looking back at Sarah, he said, “I really don’t want to leave her.” 

“I’ll stay with her, Howard.” 

“Don’t you want to see Caroline and Dwaine?” 

“I’ll see them later, while you go home and get some rest.” 

“I’m fine, Mami,” reassured Howie.  Giving her a kiss, he said, “I’ll be back.”

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