Chapter 56

Happiness filled their souls and as soon as they were out of the room, AJ began dancing for joy.  He grabbed Becca in a bear hug, spinning her around and placing a wet kiss on her cheek. 

“OH MY GOD!  Those two little babies are such beautiful miracles,” gushed AJ. 

Laughing happily, Becca agreed, “True testaments to Howie and Sarah’s love.” 

“And Sarah!!  WOW!!  She was amazing!”  Setting Becca down, he looked at her.  “You and Sarah and any woman who has a baby…” 

“Babies in Sarah’s case,” pointed out Becca. 

AJ nodded.  “Women are incredible.  You go through nine months of pure hell…puking at any given time during the day, mood swings, gaining weight and losing your luscious curves, not being able to get comfortable….and for what…to show a man just how much you love him!  How can we EVER come close to showing you how much it means to us or how much we love you?” 

Becca smiled softly as she wiped AJ’s tears.  “That’s easy, Alex.  You just did it tonight…for Sarah…and you didn’t even have to think about it.” 

“Me?  What did I do?” 

“You were by her side…helping her by giving her encouragement. Nick and Howie have always been by our sides, through every crisis we’ve ever faced since we met them…no matter how hard we may have tried to push them away.  Even when I was in Denver, Nick was there with me in my heart and he never let me forget how much he loved me.  He use to email me two…three times a day to simply say ‘Hi’ or tell me what was going on in his life.  And Howie…god, he’s been in Sarah’s corner at every turn when it came to what Russell did to her.  When they broke up, he would call to check on her and if she wouldn’t talk to him, he’d talk to me to find out what she was doing or if she needed anything.  He wouldn’t ever tell her the little things he’d do to help her out.  AJ, when you’ve found THE one, you won’t have to try and figure out what to do or say to tell her you love her…it’ll happen…like tonight with Sarah.” 

“Thanks, Bec.  Come on, we’d better go tell the others.” 

With his arm draped around her shoulders, AJ led Becca down to the waiting room where they were greeted first by Tommy and Raoul who opened the door for them and then by a room full of people.  Brian had returned and was sitting with Nick on the couch playing video games.  Denise had joined them and the guys’ band was there with Lisa, Nikki, and Fatima, and Jeff.  Howie’s sister, Angelia, and his nieces, Chelsea and Danielle, were there along with his brother John and Sarah’s brother, Dusty.  Kevin was pacing the floor while Lynne tried to read a magazine but when the door opened, all conversation and action stopped, waiting for the news. 

Becca looked at AJ, “You want to do the honors or shall I?” 

“Go ahead, you’re Sarah’s best friend and known her longer,” said AJ graciously. 

“Yeah, but you are Howie’s best friend.  You deserve to help share the news,” insisted Becca. 

“Would you two stop the damned comedy routine,” prodded Kevin with an uncharacteristic whine in his voice. 

“Geez Kevin!!  You sound an awful lot like Nicky,” teased AJ with a smirk. 

“Fuck you, Alex,” snarled Kevin.  “You were IN the damned room with them and know how Sarah is!” 

Lynne put her hand on Kevin’s arm.  “Baby, calm down.  They’re both clearly happy so obviously, Sarah is fine.” 

“Lynne’s right,” smiled Becca.  “Sarah had BOTH babies naturally.” 

A raucous cheer went up and Denise asked, “What did they have?” 

“A little girl…Caroline Ann,” announced Becca. 

“And a little boy, Dwaine James Scott,” finished AJ.  “Two perfect little miracles.” 

Everyone was thrilled for the couple but now that they knew the twins were here and doing fine, they decided to clear out and go home.  

When it was just the guys, Kevin asked, “Can we go see Howie and Sarah or the babies?” 

“She’s probably asleep by now and I expect they’ve taken Caroline and Dwaine to the nursery.  We left them with the babies and Dr. Johnson was about to give Sarah a sedative so she’d sleep.  .” 

That set Kevin’s panic buttons off.  “Why is Howie letting him do that?  She didn’t want ANY drugs at all.” 

“Relax, Kevin,” said Alex.  “It was only a mild sedative and she needed to sleep.  Howie’s not going to let anything happen.” 

“But you know she could easily get hooked,” insisted Kevin.   

“She’ll be fine,” reassured Becca.  “Why don’t you go home and get some sleep and you can come back later this afternoon to see them all?” 

“I guess you’re right,” shrugged Kevin. 

Knowing that Kevin was beside himself not being able to see Sarah for himself to know that she truly was okay, Lynne spoke up, “Kevin, if it would make you feel better, you can stay and I’ll get a ride with Becca and Nick.  You two are leaving soon, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, we need to relieve the babysitter,” said Becca as she wrapped her arms around Nick’s waist.  The ‘rush’ of the birth was wearing off and she was beginning to feel the effects.  “It’s been a long night and I want to come back later to help Sarah with the babies.” 

Kevin looked at Lynne.  “Nah, I’ll take you home, baby.  My bed is a hell of a lot more comfortable than these damned chairs.” 

“Kev, if it’ll make you feel better, I’m gonna hang around to be sure Howie and Sarah are okay,” offered AJ. 

“Yeah, it does.  Give her a kiss for me,” smiled Kevin tiredly.   

“For all of us,” said Nick.   

“Will do.  I’m gonna give Ali a call to let her know about Dwaine and Caroline.” 

Brian, Nick, and Becca said good-night and left the waiting room.  Kevin and Lynne were next but AJ stopped them at the door. 

“Yo, Kev…do you still wanna do what we talked about…send Sarah the roses?” 

“Yeah…a dozen for each baby?” 

“I’ll call first thing….” 

Lynne spoke up, “I’ll take care of it for you two.  You’ll both be exhausted and unable to get out of the bed.” 

“Thanks, Lynne,” said AJ.  “Catch you two later.” 

With that, Kevin and Lynne left AJ in the waiting room making the call Ali to tell her about the twins.  The bodyguards took up their positions to keep an eye on their employers, both with happy smiles on their faces.

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