Chapter 53

Away from the group, Becca and Lynne made their way down the hall to the waiting room they’d all used earlier followed closely by Tommy.  Becca was silent, trying to gather her thoughts but Lynne was livid and ranting profusely. 

“I can NOT believe how barbaric this place is!  Why in the world did Howie and Sarah want to come here to have the babies?  I’ve seen better care for dogs than what Sarah’s getting. And Sarah!  OH MY GOD!  I’ve never seen anyone more schizophrenic!  She doesn’t’ need something for the pain…she needs MASSIVE amounts of sedatives.  How does Howie put up with her?” 

When Lynne’s ranting turned on Sarah, Tommy bristled.  “Look, lady!!  This hospital is the best damned hospital in the state and if you want DON’T back off Sarah, YOU’LL be finding….” 

“Tommy, STOP!” ordered Becca as the large man took a dangerous step closer to Lynne.  “Lynne doesn’t know the whole story.” 

“I don’t care, Becca!  Howie is my boss and….” 

“Okay!!  But you don’t need to defend him or Sarah from Lynne.  She’s just trying to help.  And you gotta admit…Sarah DOES act schizoid from time to time,” grinned Becca.  Seeing Tommy wasn’t amused, Becca said,  “I’m going to explain to Lynne now…okay.  Just wait at the door so no one interrupts us.” 

“Whatever!” mumbled Tommy as he left the two women alone. 

When Tommy was gone, Becca took Lynne’s hand.  “Let’s sit down.” 

“Whole story?  What are you talking about Becca?” questioned Lynne as the two sat on a couch. 

“How much has Kevin told you about Sarah?” 

Lynne shrugged her shoulders, “Not much…just about how they were involved…and that night at Tabu with the four of them.” 

“But nothing about her past?” 

“No, well…he did mention an ex-husband…Jesse’s father.” 

“Lynne, the reason they aren’t giving Sarah any pain medication just yet is because she’s a recovering addict and she wants to wait until there’s no other option but to take the pain medicine.  She’s allergic to morphine, which she found out when she had Jesse and what they are going to have to give her in its place is highly addictive.” 

“WOW!” was Lynne’s breathy response as she leaned back to take in this bit of information.  “I never would have suspected Sarah for a drug user.” 

“It wasn’t something she chose to do.  See, Russell, her ex, was a drug runner for a major drug lord and very abusive.  One of the things he use to do was tie Sarah to their bed and shoot her up with whatever he was running at the time.” 

“I can’t imagine Sarah staying with a man like that.” 

“Believe me, had Jesse not been involved, she wouldn’t have been involved with him at all.  She dated him when she was in high school and he wasn’t like that but when she left for college, she broke up with him.”  Becca went on to explain the whole story of Russell to Lynne.  She finished by saying, “We’re all very protective of Sarah when it comes to her fear of needles, hospitals, and drugs.” 

“To have survived all that takes a very strong lady.  I can understand why Kevin fell for her.” 

“She survived it because she held on to the dream that she’d had since she was, oh, I guess, eleven or twelve…her dream of her knight,” smiled Becca.   

“What dream was that?” 

“Howie.  Those two were destined to be together and nothing is going to keep them apart.” 

“It shows. But Becca…the way they made her wait to get settled in.  That was appalling.”

”Tommy’s right.  This hospital does have one of the best
OB staffs in the state.  Sarah trusts Dr. Johnson implicitly.  She’s been with him since she was fifteen and he delivered Jesse…that’s when she met Sheena too.  Now, we need to get back and rescue Sarah and Howie.  If I know Kevin and Nick, they’re at each other’s throats and Howie and AJ are refereeing.” 

The two ladies headed back to Sarah’s room talking quietly as they went.  They were pleasantly surprised to find the entire group talking about Nick’s new CD and they joined the conversation.

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