Chapter 50

As soon as the room was clear, Sheena took a seat on the bed facing Sarah.  Taking her hand, she said, “Want to tell me why you’re so scared?  You’ve done this before, like a pro, and you’ve helped quite a few other young ladies through it too.” 

Sarah tucked her head under Howie’s chin, her face in his chest, as Howie hugged her.  Quietly, he said, “It’s not the giving birth she’s afraid of.  It’s the surgery and pain medication.”  He went on to explain what Russell had done to her after Jesse’s birth and her recovery. 

“Oh sweetheart.  I had no idea all this had happened.  Does Dr. Johnson know?” 

“We made sure of it, especially since Sarah is allergic to morphine.  The pain medicine they’re going to use is ….. I can’t remember what he said they’d use but it’s highly addictive and we were worried about her getting hooked on it after all she went through.” 

“Vicodin is probably what they’ll use.  They use it with chemo patients since it doesn’t upset the stomach.”  Giving Sarah’s hand a gentle squeeze, she said reassuringly, “I’m going to be right here with you every step of the way, until they discharge you and these little ones.  We’ll get you through and you’ll be just fine.” 

“See, I told you everything would be just fine,” smiled Howie with a gleam in his eyes. 

Sarah looked up at him and he wiped her tears.  “You’re up to something.” 

“Geez, woman!!  After all this time, I thought you’d realize I’m five six,” teased Howie as he rolled his eyes. 

That got a giggle from her and she said, “Nope…you’re a giant in my eyes.  You’ve done something you’re mighty proud of.” 

“Of course I’ve done something I’m proud of.”  Putting his hand on her belly, “I helped create these two babies.” 

Sighing, “Yeah, you did.” 

“I’m DA MAN!” crowed Howie puffing out his chest. 

That got more than a giggle from Sarah.  She was out-right laughing, the kind of laugh that wrapped around Howie’s heart. It also told him that she was going to be okay. 

Howie had managed to distract Sarah giving Sheena a chance to get things set up in the room.  Now she was ready to get Sarah ready. 

“Okay.  Sarah you know what all these monitors are.  You’ll have an internal monitor on the one that’s in position and the other monitor around your belly to check the other one. You’ll have a blood pressure monitor on too.  Howie, I’m gonna have to get you to move so we can get the belt around her and so I can examine her.” 

Slipping out from behind Sarah, Howie fixed the pillows for her as she asked, “Okay goofball, besides these babies, what have you done?” 

Grinning, “Sheena’s your private nurse until you’re back on your feet.” 

“Even when I go home?” Sarah’s eyes were wide with amazement. 

Running his finger down her nose, “Even when you go home.  You’re gonna be so sick of the two of us by the time you leave here, you’re gonna BEG us to leave.” 

“Ask you to leave me?  I doubt that very much.  Howie….” 

Running his fingers along her cheek, “Yes, Angel.” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“For what?” 

“For falling apart earlier.” 

“There’s nothing to apologize for, Sarah.  You just remember that you’ve got a whole bunch of people in your corner….me, Jesse, Sheena, Nick, Becca, AJ, Kevin, Brian, Lynne, Sonja, Ali, Mami, Papi, Angie, Polly, John, your brothers….and you’ve got two guardian angels looking down on you.” 

“Just two?  I have a feeling that four guys have asked THEIR angels to look out for me too,” smiled Sarah. 

“You’re probably right.” 

“Okay, just a couple more things, Sarah, and we’ll be all set.” 

“One of them is the IV, isn’t it?” questioned Sarah timidly. 

“Yes, but you can do this.  Hold Howie’s hand and it’ll be over before you know it.” 

“Close your eyes, Angel.”  Sarah complied and Howie continued, “Tell me about the story you started writing.” 

“You mean the vampire one?” 

“Yeah…that one.  Where does it take place?” 

“The Black Forest in Germany….the girl is married to Brian but she’s a witch.” 

“What are her powers?” 

“One of them is premonitions…she can see what’s going to happen….and she’s seen her future…with the Dark Lords of The Black Forest.” 

“AJ, Kevin, and me?”

“Uh huh.” 

“What about Nick?” 

“He’s the grounds keeper for the château where the three of you live.” 

“What are you gonna call it?” 

“I don’t know….I thought about ‘Eternally Yours’.” 

“Who’s the girl going to end up with?” 

“Oh…..” gasped Sarah with a contraction. 

“Breathe, Angel,” prompted Howie as Sheena hung the IV bag. 

Howie talked Sarah through the contraction, brushing her hair back and playing with her fingers.  

When the contraction was over, Sarah opened her eyes to see that the IV was hung and looking down at her hand, everything was in place.  “When did you do that?” she asked in amazement. 

“Don’t worry about that,” smiled Sheena.  “Now, the only thing left is for your wonderful husband to sign all the paperwork.  All the monitors are in place and you’ve dilated eight centimeters. All we can do now is wait.  I want you to rest.  It could be a long night.” 

“Is Dr. Johnson here?” asked Howie as he continued to hold Sarah’s hand in both of his. 

“He’s delivering another baby and he’ll be down to check on Sarah as soon as he can.  I’ll send Tina in and she’ll give you the ID bracelets.  Howie, you have to wear it all the time in order to visit with the babies in the nursery.” 

“No problem.  Thank you, Sheena.” 

“I’ll be back to check on both of you.”

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