Chapter 39

Hiring a nanny this time around was so much easier.  Howie had gone back to the same agency as before but this time, the couple had narrowed down the choices together.  That afternoon, they interviewed the top three candidates and easily settled on one.  Before leaving the youth center, they worked out all the details with Ilse giving her a starting date of the day the twins were born.

With one more thing off the ‘before-the-twins-are-born-to-do’ list, Howie was anxious to get Sarah to his mother’s house so he could finish shopping for her.  He had several things he needed to do now that they were fairly confident the twins would be born soon.

At his mother’s house, Sarah got comfortable in the family room so she could spend time with Jesse once she got home from school.  Howie gave her a kiss and promised to not be gone long.

Alone with Momma D, Sarah put her head back and closed her eyes.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?”


“Anything I can get you?”

Sarah opened her eyes to look at her mother-in-law but didn’t see her.  Instead, she saw her own mother standing in front of her and when she blinked, the image was gone.  Tears erupted as she sobbed, “I miss her so much, Mami….so much that it hurts…so much that even Howie who can fix anything can’t take the pain away.”

Momma D sat down gathering her in her arms to hold her.  Sarah’s head was nestled on her ample breast as she stroked her hair soothingly, rocking the girl in her arms.  Her heart ached for the young girl in her arms wanting to make it easier for her.  In her thick Spanish accent, she said, “I know you miss your mother and I know I can’t replace her but I want to be there for you.”

Sarah sat up and wiped her tears.  “Oh, Mami…I never doubted….”

Patting her hand, “I know.”

“You have been so wonderful to me….even when Howie and I were having problems and I’m honored to be able to call you ‘Mami’…like I was one of your own.”

“You ARE one of my own.  You are just as special to me as any one of my children.  Now, tell me what I can do to help you.  Do you want me to go with you into delivery?”

Sarah smiled through the tears.  “I think you’d have to fight Kevin and Alex.  Thank you but just knowing Jesse is being taken care of and that you’re only a phone call away helps.”

“Whether you’re in labor or at home with these babies, I’m always a phone call away and taking care of Jesse is a pleasure.  She reminds me of Howard at this age.”

“Really?” asked Sarah incredulously.

“Oh, yes…very impish.  You’ve done an excellent job with her.”

“I wish I could take the credit but Russell’s aunt and uncle had her at the most critical…..” Sarah gasped.

“A contraction?”

Sarah nodded as she breathed through the contraction.

Momma D held Sarah’s hand through the contraction and when it had passed, she asked, “Are you in labor?”

“I think so.  The last few contractions have been regular…about twenty minutes apart.”

“You obviously haven’t told Howard because he’d never have left you.”

“And he’ll cancel our plans for tonight if he knows.  I’ll be okay.”

“You can’t keep this from him, sweetheart, and should you be eating if you’re in labor?”

“Probably not,” yawned Sarah.

“You’re going to have a long night.  I want you to lie down and try to get a nap.  I’ll keep everyone out of here.”

“Sleep sounds so good,” said Sarah as she settled onto the couch.  “Mami, thank you for everything.”

Momma D covered Sarah with a blanket and then darkened the room so she could sleep.  Stopping at the door, she looked back at the woman who held her son’s heart and smiled.  Very soon, she’d have two more grandchildren to love.

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