Chapter 36

Sarah was just finishing with Jesse’s hair when the doorbell rang.  “Get that for me, baby.”

Jessed skipped to the front door, peeked through the window, and then opened the door.  “Good Morning, Aunt Becca,” greeted Jesse formally.

“Why, good morning to you, ‘Peanut’,” smiled Becca and laughed at the face Jesse made.

“That’s what Uncle Nicky calls me….NOT you.”

“I know but you’re as cute as a peanut this morning.  Where’s your mommy?”

“In the kitchen.  Can I hold GT…..” seeing Becca frown, Jesse corrected herself, “Garrett while you and Mommy talk?”


Jesse closed the door behind Becca and followed her to the kitchen where Sarah was busy cleaning.

“Should you be doing that?” asked Becca as she set Garrett on the floor with Jesse.

“Probably not but I feel like doing it and it needs to be done.”

“A burst of energy?” smiled Becca.

“Oh yeah!!” grinned Sarah setting her rag down.

“Where’s Howie?”

“Still asleep.  It was after three when he climbed into bed and I wanted to let him sleep…just in case.”

“Are you in labor?”

“No, not yet but this is exactly like when I had Jesse…the false labor, the burst of energy, and the ‘drop’.  I say by tomorrow this time, I’ll be either in the middle of delivery or already done.”

“What about tonight?”

“As long as my water hasn’t broken and the contractions aren’t really close together, I plan on being there.  If not, the rest of you can still enjoy dinner.”

“Yeah, right…like I’m gonna let you have these babies without me…not to mention the guys.”

Sarah laughed, “I guess you’re right.  Look, can you do me a huge favor?”

“You mean besides taking Jesse to school?” teased Becca.

“YES!” smirked Sarah.  “I need you to pick up Howie’s gift from the jewelry store.”

“No problem.  What did you get him?”

Sarah cut her eyes at Jesse who was happily playing with Garrett on the floor.  Dropping her voice, she said, “I got him an ID bracelet with the kids’ birthstones on them and ‘Daddy’ engraved on it.”

“That’s so sweet.”  Looking at the time, she said, “If I’m gonna get Jesse to school on time, I’d better get going.  Who’s gonna pick her up?”

“Angie is gonna get her and take her to Mami’s.  We’d already planned this with the dinner tonight.”

“About tonight,” started Becca as she gathered Garrett.  “Is Ali coming?”

Sarah frowned, “I have NO clue.  I called her but she didn’t give me an answer.  Things with Alex have become even more strained especially after Nick’s birthday.”

As they headed to the door, Becca asked, “What’s he doing about the drinking?”

“Denying it…AGAIN.  I’ve tried talking to him but he’s not ready to listen.”

“Get your stuff, Jess,” instructed Becca.  Shaking her head, she said to Sarah, “What are you gonna do today?”

“I’ve got to find a nanny and I have a doctor’s appointment at one.”

“When are you gonna wake Howie?”

“Not until I have to, that’s for sure.  One of us needs to be rested.”

Becca gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek.  “Call me when something happens.”

“I will.  Jess, behave for Meme.”

“I will, Mommy.  Tell Daddy I love him.”

“I will, baby,” and Sarah hugged her daughter to her.  A flood of emotions hit her and tears threatened to spill over as she held Jesse.  “Jessica?”

Jesse looked up and without Sarah saying a word, she said, “I love you too, Mommy,” before skipping off to Becca’s car.

Becca reached out to squeeze Sarah’s hand.  “Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.  Thanks, sis,” whispered Sarah as she wiped her tears.

“See you tonight.”

Sarah stood in the doorway rubbing her stomach.  It had become a habit, second nature.  As the car disappeared into the distance, she felt a sharp kick and a contraction.

“Okay, okay!  Just be patient,” said Sarah as she put her hand where the baby had kicked.  “You’re gonna get to meet everybody soon.”

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