Written By Special Guest Author Becca O.

Chapter 34

“Bec, I don’t wanta go out. Can’t we just stay here?”

Nick was perilously close to whining and Becca gritted her teeth and tried to remain calm and upbeat. “No, Nick, I made a reservation, and they’re nearly impossible to get at Leaonardo’s. Please? Baby, it’s your birthday, I just wanted to do something nice.” She dropped her eyes and lowered her voice. Time to move in for the kill. Whispering, her voice cracking just a bit (on purpose) she continued. “Last year was so awful, Nick, and I just wanted to do something to make it up to you and I’m sorry, but I-” 

“Bec, stop, it’s okay.” Nick gathered her into his arms and she had a momentary pang of guilt for leading him on, but his next words made it all worth it. “I can’t wait to see what you have planned. It’ll be nice, just the two of us out on the town for a quiet evening.” She grinned against his shoulder and resisted pumping her arm in a victory dance. 

“Thank you Nick,” she whispered. “I love you, baby.” 

“I love you, too,” he replied, grinning down at her upturned face.  “Come on, let’s go have fun.” 

* * * * * 

The evening was a disaster almost from the moment they stepped in the door of the restaurant. Nick had indeed been surprised at the plans Becca had made, but those absent from the festivities overshadowed all the good Becca had hoped to accomplish. The evening had ended much earlier than she'd planned, and here they were, home, well before midnight.  

Nick opened the front door to their house as Becca shut off the alarm and climbed the stairs.

“Becca, wait-”


“I’m tired Nick, I’m going to bed.”


“Bec, please? Come on, I had a nice time,” he finished lamely.


“I could tell.” Halfway up the stairs, she whirled around. “Brian couldn’t be fucking bothered to even CALL you? And Kevin … Kevin was just in another world …”


“Bec, there’s been a lot going on.”


“Why are you being so nice? Why? Why doesn’t it hurt you that your best friends are doing this to you?” He didn’t answer. “How long has AJ been drinking again? I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl in a hole the way he was behaving. I hate them Nick. I hate every damned one of them.”


Becca was sobbing by now, and she spun around and ran for the bedroom, slamming the door. Nick winced at the sound and turned for the living room. He knew better than to follow her when she was like this, she had to get it all out of her system all by herself. He’d give her fifteen minutes and then head up to bed himself.


Upstairs, Becca flung articles of clothing over the chair in the corner of the bedroom.  The entire time she paced, she mumbled under her breath, hot and angry tears streaming down her face.  “All I wanted was a nice dinner, something good for Nick. He’s finally coming out of all the dark crap, and I thought this would be nice. Nice? When Brian didn’t call, and Kevin sulked all evening moaning about Lynne, and then AJ-”


“Bec, I love you for what you tried to do, baby. I really do.” Unbeknownst to his wife, Nick had been listening almost the entire time, leaning in the doorway. The thought of remaining downstairs when she was so upset had won out over letting her be.


Becca’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I just wanted tonight to be special. Last year I ruined your birthday, and I wanted to make it up to you. I tried so hard-” she stopped, crying in earnest. “I tried to get your friends there, Nick . I thought if I could just get everyone together, it would all be okay. You’d be friends again. But it was awful.”


Nick was across the room in an instant, folding her in his arms.  “Bec, it was great. I know what you tried to do, and I can’t thank you enough. Baby, it’s not your fault that Brian’s an ass, or that Kevin is so wrapped up in his sex life that he can’t see straight, and AJ- no one’s to blame for his drinking except him. Honestly? What I’d have liked was an evening alone with you. I didn’t need anyone else there to make it perfect. Just you, baby. You’re the one who was missing last time, and now you’re here.”




“Shh.” He placed a finger over her lips and held it there while he talked.  “You and me, we’re what’s important. You, me, and Garrett. That’s all I’ll ever need to make my life complete. I don’t need Backstreet, I don’t need anything. You.” He kissed her softly, tilting her chin up with his fingers. “That’s all. Just-” kiss “you.” He gathered her up in his arms as she melted against him, and kissed her deeply, vowing to kick his brothers’ collective asses the next time he saw them.


“I love you,” she whispered, her head against his chest, her arm around his waist.


“GT’s gone for the night?”


“Mmm hmm,” she murmured as they slow-danced to the tune in their heads, the moonlight casting patterns on the carpet at their feet.


“Let’s pretend it’s last year. Andrew wasn’t in the picture, you came to my party and we just got back to my place after. Show me how you’d have made my birthday even more perfect than it already was.”


Becca tipped her face up to look into Nick’s eyes. “I would have held you all night and never let you go. You were heading back out on the road, and it was going to be months before I saw you again.”


“So, tonight you can hold me, too. I’d like that, Bec. We’re alone all night. We can talk, and just be together.”


“Just talk?” She smiled up at him and pressed a little closer to him.


“Well, no, maybe not,” he grinned and inched his fingers beneath her top, caressing the skin on her back.


“That feels nice,” she sighed. “I love you, Nick.”


“Bec, I love you too. So very, very much.” With a soft smile, he tipped his head and kissed her gently. Her lips parted beneath his, and when the tip of her tongue touched his lips he groaned, hauling her off her feet and deepening the kiss. His arms held her tightly and she made tiny mewing sounds as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Becca held her eyes closed very tightly as they kissed, trying her damnedest to simply shut out the rest of the world. Her fingers were spreading through Nick’s hair and she was desperate to be closer, as close as she could be, and if she could have, she’d have crawled inside his skin. The need to breathe forced them apart and she looked up into his eyes, her lips swollen and her hair a tousled mess. “Screw them, Nick. Screw them all. We have each other and that’s enough for me.”


“And we’re alone tonight, all night. I plan to keep you awake for most of it, Bec.”


“Make love with me. I need you, I need you so much.”


Nick was silent, but his smile lit the room with its brilliance. He slowly lowered her to her feet, holding her close, her body sliding down against his. “You’re the most important thing in my life, Becca. Nothing will ever come between us again.”


She’d already undressed, and stood before him in only her bra and panties. Nick kissed her cheek gently, slipping a finger beneath the satiny strap of her bra and sliding it off her shoulder. He ran his fingertip down over the swell of her breast and beneath the lacy edge of the cup and she shivered.


“You’re so soft. I love the way you fit my hands, baby.” He pulled the fabric off her breast, releasing it from its confines and lifting the softly swollen flesh in his hand.


“Nick-” Becca moaned, tipping her head back as his lips trailed down her neck and over her chest, capturing her nipple between his lips. Her hands were woven tightly in his shaggy blonde hair and she held him fast, not allowing for even the remote possibility of escape.  Her thighs shifted restlessly, seeking to ease the ache and sudden fullness he was causing, and she whimpered as he bared her other breast. “Oh Nick, please. I can’t wait.”


“Becca, slow down. This is one present I wanta take my time opening and enjoying.” He reached behind her and deftly unhooked her bra, pulling it off her shoulders, down her arms and dropping it to the floor. He sighed, and then caught her eye as she looked up coyly.


“Like what you see?” she grinned. “It’s all for you.”


“Do I like it? It’s perfect. Just what I wanted.” He grinned back, and she went to work on the buttons of his shirt, baring his chest and slipping her hands beneath to stroke him, slipping her hands around to his back and pressing a moist kiss to a tiny masculine nipple.




“Yes, Nick?” she giggled, then gasped as his hands slipped beneath her panties to cup the rounded cheeks of her bottom.


“You make me crazy, you know that?”


“Mmmhmm … and you love it.”


“You know I do, baby. But fair is fair …” One hand moved around her hip, still beneath the fabric, and cupped her softly furred mound. Becca thighs parted as she held on for balance, and she cried out as he slipped his fingers into the slippery heat between her legs. “Oh Becca. Fuck …”


“That’s what I had in mind all along.”


“You’re bad, baby.” Nick chuckled, but the sounds died in his throat as she ran her fingernails over his fly, and his quite prominent erection. “God Bec, touch me.” It was Nick’s turn to moan as she stroked him, squeezing gently as he swelled in her hand. There they stood, in a darkened room, touching, caressing and whispering their love and secret desires, until their mutual  need became too great to ignore.


In moments, Nick was undressed and they lay together in the moonlit darkness, their hands and lips exploring each and every inch of their lovers’ bodies. Nick lay back, and as Becca straddled his thighs he took himself in his hand and stroked slowly.


“Nick, Jesus-”


“See? See what you do to me? I want you, baby. So much.”


“I want you too,” she whispered, but instead of reaching for him, she sat back, cupping a breast in one hand and slipping her slender fingers into the dampness below. “Oh, yes.” She sighed, touching herself and knowing Nick was watching her every move.


Nick’s eyes widened as he watched her, the sound of her rapid breathing and the soft sounds her fingers were making against her dampened flesh spurring him closer to finishing himself off. He must have made a sound himself, because suddenly her hand was over his, stilling his movement.


“With me, Nick. Come with me.”  Their joined hands held him still as she rose above him and positioned herself, teasing them both with her slowness, rubbing herself against him.


“Becca, my god!”


Giggling, she sank down onto him, her laughter turning rapidly to moans as he filled her. “Oh fuck, Nick …”


“God, Bec. I love you. So hot … all mine.” He lifted his hips, rising deep within her willing body as a shudder passed through them both. “You feel-“ gasp “-perfect.”


Becca caught her lip between her teeth, concentrating and fighting the inevitable, but the sight of Nick laying before her, the feel of his hands on her hips, lifting her and guiding her movement, the length of him buried inside her, was much too much. “Ohgod-” she cried out, her head thrown back and her lips parted in passion, and as he thrust up into her again, she shattered. Her orgasm was powerful, and tiny aftershocks rolled over her in waves as Nick, her beautiful Nick, came apart beneath her in wave after wave of satisfaction.


Nick fought to catch his breath as Becca fell forward onto him, and he held her tightly as they both shivered in the night air. “I love you. I love you, Bec.”


“Me too, Nick. Happy birthday, baby.”


They rolled to the side, still wrapped in their embrace, and talked deep into the night, making love and reconnecting, reaffirming their deep, deep love.

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