Chapter 31

The drive from the airport to AJ’s house seemed almost as long as the flight home and to add to his desire to see his wife, Howie was listening to the radio when Sarah’s single, ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ came on.  A grin lit his face as his reoccurring fantasy played out in his mind.  Sarah was on stage sitting on a stool with a single spotlight on her, her hair hung loose on her shoulders, her eyes fixed on him, and no clothes.  He felt himself getting hard, his heart beating faster.

“Damn, I need to make love to her!”

Finally!  AJ’s house came into sight and as he pulled in the driveway, he noticed that it was darker than normal.  To add to it, Denise’s car was there and AJ’s was nowhere to be seen.

“Probably in the entertainment room,” he said to himself as he jogged up the sidewalk.

Reaching the front door, he decided to use the key AJ had given him to let himself in.  He was surprised to find Denise curled up in a chair reading but his surprise quickly changed to panic as he put all the pieces together.

“Where’s Sarah?” he demanded.

Denise set her book down as she said, “Calm down Howie.  Sarah is in the guestroom down the hall and Jesse is upstairs in Alex’s room.”

Howie sighed with relief.  “I thought for sure something was wrong.  Where’s ‘J’?”

“When Sarah realized you were going to be late, she decided it would be best for the three of you to stay here so Alex drove out to your place to get clothes.  I fed Sarah and Jesse, bathed Jesse, put one of Alex’s old shirts on her, and tucked her into his bed.  She’s been asleep for about thirty minutes.  Sarah took the guestroom so she wouldn’t have to climb the steps.”

“How long has she been asleep?”

“She went back while I was taking care of Jesse.”

“Thank you for taking care of them.”

“My pleasure.  I’ll stick around until Alex gets back if you want me to.”

“Nah…go on home.  We’ll be okay.”

Denise stood to gather her things and gave Howie a kiss.  “Call me if you need anything.  I’d be thrilled to come out and keep Sarah company or help with the twins when they get here.”

“I may take you up on that,” smiled Howie.

“I’m probably going to have to fight your mother for time with those babies,” teased Denise.

“Most likely along with my sisters,” laughed Howie.  “And Mrs. Richardson and Becca too.”

“Go see her.  She said over dinner that she could hear the worry in your voice and judging by the way you looked seeing me, she was underestimating your concern.”

“I’ll admit, it was a little unsettling not being able to reach her this afternoon.  We’ll see you soon.”

As bad as he ached to see his wife, Howie decided to go up and kiss his daughter good-night so that he wouldn’t have to leave Sarah.  He found Jesse sound asleep in AJ’s bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead as he tucked the covers around her. 

Going back downstairs, he passed AJ and they talked for a few minutes before Howie headed to where Sarah was.  It was all he could do to keep from running down the hall but he contained himself.  At the door, he stopped.  His heart was in his throat.  No matter how many times he saw her like this; it still amazed him how innocent she looked in her sleep.  He shut the door behind him and moved quietly to the bed where he undressed.  Sitting down gently, he reached over to play with her hair.

Sarah’s eyes fluttered open and she gave him a sleepy smile.  “Hey, ‘D’.”

Leaning over, he placed a tender kiss on her lips.  “I missed you so much, ‘Angel’,” he whispered.  “How are my babies?”

“Fine but they missed their daddy.”

“I missed them too.”  Howie’s hands moved to her belly caressing the roundness and felt the babies move.  His whole face lit up with joy and he leaned to kiss her stomach.  “Not much longer, guys, and I’ll be able to hold you myself…give your mom a break.”

Sarah smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair.  “Jesse wanted you to kiss her goodnight.”

“Already done.  Now it’s time for Mama.  What did the doctor say?”

Excitedly, Sarah tried to sit up and Howie had to help her.  “He said that I can go back to my normal routine the first of February.”

“Are you sure?”

“Uh huh!  I haven’t dilated any more and everything else was right on schedule.”

“That’s next week,” mused Howie.

“Uh huh!” smiled Sarah.  “Means I can go with you to the club and the youth center and do things with Jesse….”

“And make love to your husband,” interjected Howie.

Sarah frowned, her nose crinkling.  “You’re joking right?  As fat as I am and you want to make love?”

“You are NOT fat….you’re pregnant…the sexiest pregnant woman I know,” he insisted.

“I’m the ONLY pregnant woman you know,” reminded Sarah.  “I’m sorry, ‘D’, but I’m really NOT feeling very sexy.”

“Well,” hedged Howie taking her hand.  “Let me show you just how sexy you are,” and he put her hand on his cock.  “This is what you’ve done to me…all,” he placed a sweet kiss on her forehead, “day”, another kiss on each cheek, “long,” and he ended with her lips.  He kissed her slowly, letting his tongue trace her lips until her defenses dropped and she parted them.  Tentatively, he slipped in tasting her as his hand went to the back of her neck to hold her.  Pulling back, his forehead against hers, he whispered, “You have had me hard all day long and I need you.”

The tone of his voice told her that what he really wanted was to make love to her and he had put a huge dent in her defenses.  When the doctor had said “No Sex”, it had been the hardest thing for her to take but Howie had been her rock and reassured her that it was going to be okay.  She had built herself up to be able to resist the urges and Howie had been wonderful not tempting her too much.  There were the times, like the day before, when her hormones and emotions got the better of her and she truly wanted to say the hell with it all, but Howie was always there for her.  Now it was Howie who wanted to say the hell with it all and she was powerless to fight him. 

Howie saw the look in her eyes and knew he could do whatever he wanted.  As slowly as he had kissed her, he pulled her shirt off to expose her full breasts and round tummy and tossed it to the side.  Taking her in his arms, he laid her back so that he could slip her panties off.  Before him lay his wife, completely naked and extremely pregnant.  He’d been aroused all day by the images of his wife that had danced through his mind but the reality didn’t touch the fantasy.  His eyes drank up the exotic beauty as his hands explored the heavenly body before him.  He marveled at the changes brought on by the pregnancy and the reactions to his touch.

“This is what my fantasies are made of, Sarah,” he praised as he traced the dark line that ran along her belly from just below her breasts and stopped at the patch of brown curls below her belly.

“What else are your fantasies made of, ‘D’?” purred Sarah as she caressed his cheek.

God, it had been forever, well, not really forever, but it had been too long since Howie had touched her like this and Sarah felt like she was going to shatter.  God help her if he….

With a lustful gleam in his eyes, he whispered, “Touches…so many touches,” and he did it…the one thing they both knew would shatter her.  His hand slipped down to cup her mound, his fingers expertly parting her folds and two fingers dipping into her ‘core’, not all the way though.  He stopped just a little way in, where all the nerves were on fire and he spread them putting pressure on the walls and she could feel the heated rush of her juices.

“We…we shouldn’t….shouldn’t be…doing this,” she protested weakly unable and unwilling to stop him.  She had missed this, the soft touches of his hands, the way he looked at her.  She needed him just like she needed her next breath.

His voice thick with desire, Howie instructed, “Touch me, Sarah….touch me and feel how sexy I think you are.   Feel how much I want you, the way I can feel how much you want me.”

Sarah obeyed wrapping her fingers around his length. The fire in her hands was more than he could take.  When the doctor had said ‘No Sex’, Howie had decided that included him.  If Sarah couldn’t do anything, neither would he and now, after a month, he knew he was going to cum too quickly.  He had to stop her so he grabbed her wrist.

“Shit…stop, Angel,” he whimpered wanting desperately to make tonight perfect, to have his wife, to be inside her. 

Sarah didn’t let go as she said seductively, “Cum now, ‘D’, and we can make this last longer.”

As his grip loosened on her wrist, she began to stroke, slowly at first making sure to let the pre-cum coat her fingers and the palm of her hand.  She watched him as he let go.  His eyes closed and an animalistic groan filled the room.  His thighs were already tight signaling his pending release and Sarah knew exactly what to do to help him reach it.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t move easily and she had to release his grip on him.

“No!” he whimpered as his eyes flew open.  “Don’t stop!”

“I don’t want to,” struggled Sarah as she tried to change positions.

Seeing her frustration, Howie helped her up.  “Where do you want me?”

“Stand beside the bed…that’ll make it easier,” requested Sarah and as he stood, she positioned herself on her side.   The bed was the perfect height as she reached out to grasp his sack in one hand and his cock in the other but this time, she was able to take him in her mouth too.  “Mmmm, tasty,” she purred lapping the drops that bubbled forth.

Threading his fingers in her hair, Howie’s hips began to rock, thrusting into the heat of her mouth.  Her tongue and hands worked together stroking him and licking the throbbing head.  Her tongue worked its way around the ridge before dipping into the hole then running the length of his shaft along the vein.  Her moans of pleasure vibrated on his cock and in no time at all, his release exploded in her mouth as he cried out her name.

It was all Howie could do not to collapse on top of Sarah and somehow he managed to climb back to his place beside her.  Gathering her in his arms, he pulled her body tight against his, the heat warming her chilled skin, his heart racing, and his breathing rapid.

Sarah put her hand on one of his.  “Feel better?”

“A little,” he panted against her skin.  With his tongue, he began to trace the outline of her tattoo.  “I’ll feel better when I’ve made love to you and you’ve called out my name the same way.  Are you feeling sexy yet?”

“Ummm, a little.  I need some more convincing.”

“Tell me what would convince you completely, Angel,” asked Howie as he ran his hand along her body.  He reached between her legs and found her button.  Pinching it with his fingers, he got the reaction he was expecting; Sarah pressed herself tighter against him and moaned.  “Want more, Angel?”

Howie had her completely at his command.  She couldn’t form a coherent thought and to up the ante, he was now nibbling at her neck.  She couldn’t answer.

Stopping, Howie rolled away from her as he said matter-of-factly, “You must want to stop.”

“NO!” she cried as she rolled to him.

“You were just saying we shouldn’t be fooling around.  I just figured you were being a sweet wife and satisfying my needs,” teased Howie, a smirk on his face and he winked at her.

“Ohhhh….you are SOOOOO mean!” pouted Sarah as she playfully slapped him.

“But I love you,” laughed Howie.  Reaching behind him, he pulled one of the pillows out and put it under her knees.  “This should make it easier to be on your back.  Just keep your knees bent if it comes out.”

“I’ll try to remember but ya know…you have this way of making me forget everything,” she whispered as she ran her fingers across his chest.

“Oh, I do?  And how exactly do I do that?” questioned Howie.

“Well,” hedged Sarah.  “What you were doing before was pretty nice.”

“You mean this?” and Howie slid two fingers into her wetness.  Slowly he moved in and out of her. 

“Oh….yes,” she moaned.  Pressing her heels into the bed, she lifted her hips just enough to force him deeper into her.

Placing his thumb on her clit, he started to massage the swollen bud in a circular motion as he added a third finger stroking in and out.  He leaned in to grasp a hardened nipple between his lips letting his tongue imitate his thumb. 

“Oh god!  YES!” cried Sarah as her body began to tremble, the familiar tingle radiating throughout her body.

Howie continued his sweet torture bringing Sarah over the edge again and again as she cried his name repeatedly.  When she couldn’t take it any more, she grabbed his wrist to stop him. 

“No, Angel….it’s not over!” growled Howie as he made her feel his renewed erection.  “I need you…to feel your tight walls around my cock.”

Sarah’s eyes focused on him as he moved to help her.  He took her hands and pulled her to him.  She knew what he wanted and she moved into position.  With his hands on her waist, he pressed his erection into her waiting pussy and stopped when he was completely inside her.  It was a relief to have her like this but he wanted to make it last so he had to go slow.  Keeping that in mind, he started to move, back and forth being careful not to thrust too hard into her.  Gently, he made love to her, feeling her walls around him, sucking him in, begging him to stay.  Together, they reached a sweet release crying out for each other.

Sated and spent, the couple lay together; sweat making their bodies glisten in the soft light of the bedside table.  Howie reached over to brush her damp hair back and then moved down to touch her belly.

“Are the babies okay?” he asked softly.

“They’re fine, ‘D’.”

There was an excited knock on the door and before either could react, AJ was in the room practically bouncing on the bed with the couple.  “You will NOT believe it!” he gushed but suddenly realized what had just happened.  “I thought the doctor said no doin’ the nasty?”

“You are WORSE than Nick!  Can’t you at least be a little embarrassed that Sarah has no clothes on?” groaned Howie as he tried to cover Sarah with the sheet.

“Why the hell should I be embarrassed?  I’ve seen her like this before…well, not exactly like this.  She wasn’t THIS pregnant,” smirked AJ as he sat down on the end of the bed.  Looking at Sarah, he said appreciatively, “You are DEFINITELY the sexiest pregnant lady on the face of this earth.”

“Get to the point, AJ,” demanded Howie as he managed to get a blanket over the two of them as they sat up to talk to AJ.

“My point?”

“Yeah!  Why did you bust in on us?” giggled Sarah.

“Oh, yeah…THAT.  They just announced the Grammy nominations!”

“And?” chorused the couple.

AJ smirked, “’Sweet D’s Angel’ has been nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’.”

“You’re joking?” said Sarah in bewilderment.

“Would I interrupt you two and chance Howie hurting me if I were joking?”

Howie smiled knowingly.  “Kevin and I already got the heads up on it but I was waiting until it was official.”

“When did you find out?” asked Sarah excitedly.

“This afternoon.  They called Kevin to schedule the performance….”

“Performance?  I can’t perform, Howie.  That’s my due date.”  Disappointment spread replacing the excitement she’d just felt.  “Do I have to turn down the nomination?”

“No, you don’t.  Kevin explained the situation and they understood.  We’re gonna give them a clip of you performing live from the tour in Japan and when you win, Brian’s gonna accept for you.”

“Brian?  Why not Kevin or AJ?” questioned Sarah curiously.

“Because Tigger, we’ll be with you.  You really don’t think we’re gonna let you go through this delivery without us, do you?”

Tears came to Sarah’s eyes.  “You are too much!  Thank you, Alex.”

AJ moved to give her a kiss.  “Anything for my ‘Tigger’.  I’m gonna get out of here and let you two go back to whatever it was you two were doing.”

As the door closed behind AJ, Sarah squealed with delight. “OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! HOWIE! I GOT A GRAMMY NOMINATION!”

Howie simply watched her as she bubbled with excitement.  This was almost as much fun as making love to her.

“Are you gonna SAY something?  You’re just sitting there staring at me like I have a second head or something!  I’ve gotta call Becca!  She’ll flip!”

It was all one word that gushed out in her excitement and Howie was extremely happy for her.  He loved seeing her like this but as she reached for the phone, he stopped her.  “Angel, don’t call Bec now.  You might wake Garrett.”


“C’ mere!  Cuddle with me!” coaxed Howie holding his arms open for her.

Sarah stopped and moved into Howie’s arms.  “This is because of you, ‘D’.  Thank you!”

“I didn’t do anything, ‘Angel’.  This is all you.”

“But you believed in me and you’ve always supported me.”

“That’s because I love you.”

The couple scooted down into the covers and Howie reached over to cut off the light.  With Sarah nestled in his arms and her head on his shoulder, Howie played with her hair.  In the shadows created by the security light, he watched her, the smile that still lit her face, her fingers playing with his chest.

Sarah sighed contentedly and he pressed a kiss into her hair.

“What are you thinking about, ‘Angel’?”

“Wondering what Russell would say about all this.”

“Doesn’t matter.  You’re here and you’ve made it.”

“Promise me something,” yawned Sarah.

Giving a soft chuckle, “The world.”

“If I’ve had the babies, promise me you’ll go with the guys to the Grammys.”

“Sarah, I’m not leaving you before or after the twins.  Today was THE LAST TIME I’m ever gonna leave you.”

Sleep was pulling her into its grip and Sarah mumbled, “I love you so much, ‘D’.”

Howie laced his fingers with hers.  “Sleep my beautiful angel.”

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