Written by Special Guest Author Becca O.

Chapter 19

Dinner was lovely. Working together, Nick and Becca threw together a large Caesar salad and served it with a crusty loaf of French bread. The champagne Nick brought home was a perfect complement, and there were enough fresh flowers to fill three vases. They ate in front of the TV, some silly old movie that had them in stitches the entire time. Garrett lay on a quilt beside them, playing with his toes and smiling angelically.

“That boy’s gonna break some hearts one of these days.” Nick was lying on the carpet, propped up on one elbow. He was enjoying watching Becca play with their son, and she was currently razzing his tummy with her mouth and he was almost laughing.

“Just like his dad,” she smirked, looking at him from beneath the curtain of her hair. “What?” she asked, when Nick simply stared at her.

“I want you.”

“Nick-” She blushed. Even after all this time, she blushed.

“It’s past GT’s bedtime anyway. Let me help you get him settled down, and we can spend some time together.”

Becca smiled in agreement. “I’d like that.”

A few minutes turned into almost an hour, but together they bathed Garrett, both ending up even wetter than the baby. They giggled as they got him dressed for the night, and as Becca settled into the rocker to get him quieted, Nick dimmed the light.

“I’ll change and meet you downstairs.”

“Be there soon.”

It was a warm night for January, in stark contrast to the cold rain they’d endured the night before. In other words, typical Florida weather. Becca started to dress in a nice gown, but the fabric clung to her uncomfortably. She opted instead for a t-shirt of Nick’s over just her panties. She brushed her hair and wrestled with a tortoise shell clip as she tiptoed down the stairs to the living room.

“Hot damn,” Nick whispered.

Becca giggled. “What?”

“You,” he said, “are one hot mama.”

“You’re bad, Nick Carter.”

“Well, its true. You’re hot … obviously, since it’s the hottest fucking day in the past four months … and you’re a mama … the proof is upstairs in his crib.”

Becca laughed and shook her head. “You’re weird, Carter.”


Becca complied, looking down to where Nick was reclining on the floor. “Here?”

“You’re beautiful.” He looked her over, from head to toe and back again, until she was almost squirming. “I need you.”

“Come on, then.” She reached out her hand, intending to help him up from the floor. He took it, but pulled her down beside him. “Nick!”

“Not upstairs, here. I want you, Bec. I want you and I don’t wanta wait.” He lay back, and lifted her up to straddle his hips. The thin boxers he was wearing disguised nothing, and as his erection pressed up against her thin cotton panties, Becca moaned.


“Right here.” His hands ran up beneath her t-shirt, spanning her ribs and coming up to cup her breasts. He lifted his hips, and smiled when she closed her eyes and threw her head back.


“Damn, that’s good, Bec.” He rubbed his thumbs across her nipples as she rocked against him and it was his turn to moan. The sound spurred her into action, and she leaned forward to place tiny kisses and bites along his jaw. Nick’s hands ran down the heated expanse of her back, slipping easily beneath the elastic to mold around the curves of her bottom. “Softest … spot … ever …” he managed to say, in between kisses. When Becca’s tongue peeked out to lick his lower lip, he nearly snapped.

“Easy, baby,” she crooned, trying not to giggle. This wasn’t going to last long, but she wanted to draw it out as long as she could. When he pushed her up and away she laughed, and when he struggled to pull the shirt over her head she helped, tossing it away.

“Fuck,” he whispered. His wife sat astride him, her hair falling around her shoulders, her lips red and swollen from his kisses, and her breasts ripe for touching. Slowly he reached out one finger, just one, and drew soft circles on her flesh loving the goose bumps that covered her and the way her nipples hardened beneath his touch.

“Nick, now.” Becca began to tremble, and he rolled her beneath him. His hungry lips feasted on her flesh as he licked and sucked every curve in sight. One hard nipple was caught in his teeth and he tugged and teased until she writhed beneath him and cried out.

He ignored her plea and slipped his hand into her panties, weaving his fingers through the moist curls and sliding deep within the dripping heat he encountered. “Ah Jesus, Bec,” he groaned, sucking her breast deep within his mouth.

The touch was almost more than she could stand. Closer. She needed to be closer, she needed him deeper. She spread her thighs wide and lifted her hips, fisting her hands in his hair and holding him tight. It was there, It was almost there. The tugging at her breast, the long fingers pumping deep within, the soft pad of a thumb that circled against the very center of her pleasure … It was almost-


Her body exploded with her climax, and the pleasure was so intense she instinctively sought escape. Her thighs closed around Nick’s hand and she tried in vain to roll away, so great was the pleasure. He was having none of it. With the barest minimum of a pause, he was there. He was inside her, and she fit him like a glove and it was heaven.

He slid deep within her and as her body clasped around him, he knew it was over. Too soon, Too damn soon. His body tensed, and as she wrapped her ankles around his back he felt the first tremor of his orgasm. With a massive shudder, he surrendered, spilling his body deep within her as the stars exploded beneath his eyelids.

They lay together in a tangled heap, arms and legs entwined, their breathing labored.

“I love you, Bec,” he panted.

“I know,” she giggled.

“Are we okay?”

She laughed out loud. “What do you think?”

Rolling her beneath him, he smirked. “I think I wanta do it again.”

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