Chapter 101

Sarah slept peacefully with her head in Howie’s lap as they all sat around in the hotel room talking.  The babies were napping as well and Jesse was playing with her Barbies. 

“How late did she stay up last night?” asked Becca. 

“All night,” replied Howie as he ran his fingers through her hair.  “She and Richie managed to get three more songs written for her next CD.” 

“She’s already working on a new CD?” 

“Yeah, she is and this one will have NO connection to me or the group except in her ‘thank yous’.  Jon and Richie have taken over all of that.” 

Becca smiled, “Her dreams really are coming true.” 

Howie smiled, “Yeah, they are.  She’s been on Cloud 9 all week but she’s also worked her butt off.” 

“I thought everyone was going to take the weekend off,” said Nick.  “She and Richie haven’t really stopped.” 

“I know but its okay.  She’s excited about all this,” said Howie as he looked down at his wife. 

“I remember when you guys were working on the ‘Black and Blue’ CD and she’d go with you to the studio, Howie.  She would come back and talk for hours about everything that went on,” reminisced Becca.  “She wanted to be a part of it so bad….you could see it in her eyes.” 

“Why did Russell shut her down?  He could have had so much more with her being successful with her music,” said Nick. 

“He knew he’d never hold on to her if she made it in the music business,” said Becca.  “And he despised sharing her….even with her family.  He’d NEVER have been able to deal with all the fans.” 

“Speaking of ‘sharing’ her….Howie, aren’t you at least a little worried about Richie?” 


“Haven’t you noticed the way he looks at her?” 

“Nick, really!” scolded Becca.  “There’s no way Sarah would cheat on Howie….not after all they’ve been through.” 

Howie laughed, “It’s okay, Bec.  Yes, Nick…I have seen the way Richie looks at her and I’ve seen how she looks at him too but it’s all good.  She’s always had a thing for him but I also know how she looks at me.  Becca’s right, she’d never cheat on me.” 

“What if he makes a move on her?” 

“Nick, stop it!” admonished Becca.  “Richie and Sarah are good friends…nothing more.  I personally think they make an awesome songwriting team.” 

There was a knock at the door and Jesse went scurrying to answer it. 

“UNCLE RICHIE!” she greeted happily as Richie scooped her up. 

“Hey, Princess!  How are you doing this afternoon?” 

Nick cut his eyes at Howie and said quietly, “Princess?  That’s what you call her.” 

“So?  He asked and she said it was okay with her but ONLY Uncle Richie and I could call her that,” whispered Howie. 

Richie, with Jesse in his arms, joined everyone.  “Hey!  I promised a certain little girl that I’d take her to get ice cream.  Do you mind if I take her out for a while?” 

“Please, Papi!” begged Jesse. 

“That’s fine,” replied Howie.  “You mind Richie and use your manners.” 

“Yes sir.” 

“We’ll be an hour or so,” said Richie. 

“It’s okay.  Take your time,” said Howie.  “Hopefully, Sarah will continue to sleep.” 

“Not likely with Nick’s big mouth,” grumbled Sarah as she sat up.  “Hey Richie.”   

“Hey to you too.  Hope I didn’t wake you.” 

“Not hardly,” answered Sarah as she cast a scathing look at Nick. 

“’Angel’, why don’t you go in the bedroom and get some more sleep.  Richie’s going to take Jesse out for …..” 

“I heard and I’m okay for now.  I’m going to go with Jesse if you don’t mind staying with the twins.” 

“That’s fine.” 

“Becca….you wanna come along?” 

“I’d love to.” 

“Who’s gonna watch GT?” asked Nick. 

“You, dear,” purred Becca. 

“Richie, you don’t mind do you?” asked Sarah. 

“Three beautiful ladies.  What man in his right mind would object to that?” 

“Let me go change,” said Sarah. 

“And I need shoes,” added Becca. 

Five minutes later, the girls left with Richie to go get ice cream. 

“You have lost your mind.” 

“Why do you say that?” asked Howie as he stood to stretch. 

“You’re giving Riche every opportunity to move in on your wife.” 

“Nick, he was taking Jesse to get ice cream.”  Howie was going to say more but looked at Nick and decided to let it go.  Instead, he said, “Just give it a rest.  I trust my wife.”

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