The Dance

This has been a labor of love that began June, 2001 when Becky wrote 'The Dark Side' for me. 
From there, she wrote 'Forbidden Dreams' and I picked up with 'Protection or Excitement' and
"The Dark Side Trilogy" was born.  It blossomed when I wrote a visual for Becky and made reference to what had happened in 'The Dark Side Trilogy' and a friend asked if there would be more to explain it all.  We put our heads together via email and the whole saga evolved.  This site is dedicated to that saga.  We want to thank EVERYONE who has faithfully followed the tales of Howie, Sarah, Nick, and Becca from the beginning.

We have been nominated
'Best Series' - The Dance Saga
'Best Novel' - Forever & Ever, Amen
Best Friend - Becca in 'Forever & Ever, Amen'

**We won at Take Time To Dream Awards for The Best Howie Story.**

**A new Award from the Days of Thunder Award**

Honorable Mention at Backstreet Elite Awards for Best Supporting Female-Becca

We won at Addicted To Fan Fics

**We won at U-BSB-FF Awards**


**'The Dance Saga' won Honorable Mention for Drama/Angst**

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