AKA: Return of the Blind Dead, El Attaque de los Muertos Som Ojos, Attack of the Blind Dead, Blind Dead 2

Return of the Evil (Blind) DeadAmando DeOssorio's followed up the success of his "Tombs of the Blind Dead" with this highly enjoyable action filled rumpus in which the undead Templar Knights return, this time to attack a small Portuguese town (and before you ask, no the title does NOT have anything to do with Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy, so don't expect Bruce Campbell to be appearing).

The film starts off with a prologue showing the thirteenth century villagers executing the evil Templar Knights by burning out their eyes with torches, and then burning them at the stake. Fast forwarding to the present day, and the village is preparing to celebrate the 500th anniversary marking the Templars execution with a huge festival, unaware that their festivities are about to be visited by some rather grisly gate-crashers.

As the town party gets into full swing, the skeletal Templar Knights (the blind dead) rise from their graves amongst the monastery ruins, and advance on the town. The subsequent mayhem that ensues provides some of the films more gripping moments, as the Blind Dead carve their way through the town on their zombie horses, and the lead character Jack (Tony Kendall) try's to organise the villagers to fight back, using pitchforks, blow torches and even some high power explosives.

In the end Jack and his girlfriend Vivienne, along with the town mayor and a small group of locals (including the town loony, Murdo, who seems to know more than he's letting on) are forced to hold up inside the town church. Only to face a "Night of the Living Dead" style siege against the blind dead, who quickly close in from all sides...

This is arguably the best film in DeOssorio's quartet of "Blind Dead" movies, and this time round the Templars are given maximum on-screen time. If you enjoyed the original, you will also undoubtedly enjoy this. The version reviewed here is the dubbed English language version, as this was the only version available at the time, but I would recommend the original Spanish language print, over this, as it contains additional gore scenes that were removed from the English version by the director.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Other Information.

  • There were 2 different versions of this film made by the director. The dubbed English version was stripped of virtually all it's gore for the export market, however the original Spanish language version , entitled "El Ataque De Los Muertos Sin Ojos'" was uncut, as well as containing some additional dialogue scenes, which ran some 3 minutes longer than the English language prints. The English language print also removed a scene showing a woman being sacrificed and tacked it onto the intro scene.

  • The original UK video by Redemption films was of the English language version, which was then cut further by the BBFC who removed a 6s shot of one of the Templars tearing away a woman's dress, revealing her breast. Redemption also released the English language version in Holland, in which this scene was left intact.

  • The original US DVD by Anchor Bay and Laserdisc by Elite, under the title "Return of the Blind Dead", was described as being uncut (which it was compared to the UK release) but was of the shorter English language version, being the same print as the Dutch Redemption release.

  • Up until 2005 the full uncut Spanish version was VERY difficult to obtain, as numerous European releases had parts trimmed or removed by the various film censors. Blue Underground managed to obtain an uncut print of the full Spanish version which they released in the US and by Anchor Bay in the UK in 2005. This was passed uncut by the BBFC for its UK release.

  • For more details on what was cut from the English language print, click "Here"

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