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-Everything you ever wanted to know about "Misfits: 12 Hits From Hell"-

Originally scheduled for release on October 30th, 2001, "Misfits 12 Hits From Hell" would have been the latest release of all original Misfits material; a complete group of songs from the MSP sessions recorded August 7th, 1980. Just like the "Static Age" album, "12 Hits From Hell" was originally slated to be a full length Misfits album. Instead the songs were never released as a whole but instead they were split up and put out separately; some released on an original 7-inch EP (3 Hits from Hell), some ended up on bootlegs, some the collection CD's and eventually most of the songs ended up in different areas on the Misfits Box Set. Strange enough, it wasn't until the release of the Misfits Box Set put out in 1996 that all of these songs were available to the general public for the first time. But even then the songs were shuffled sporadically between the different CD's in the box set and the mixes of the songs did not match up with each other.

In preparation for "Misfits 12 Hits From Hell" the creators of the CD went back and started from the beginning. They used the original master tapes from the recording session back in 1980 to completely re-mix and re-master every single song from the session to be released as a full album! They even put the songs in the proper order that they were originally intended to be in for a full-length album release. Going back the original master tapes brought up another bonus - the never before heard and the never before released out-take version of "London Dungeon" appropriately titled "London Dungeon - (Alternate Take)" It was added to the new release as the 13th song on the new album. Most interesting about these recordings is that they were made during a transitional period for the Misfits. The recording began with Bobby Steele (guitarist), recording multiple guitar tracks on most every song and the majority of the guitar on the entire album. Before the album was ever completed, Bobby was kicked out of the band. Jerry Only's (Bassist) little brother, Doyle joined as the new guitarist in the band and finished the recording session by recording a guitar track of his own on all but a few of the songs. Later these songs were mixed to feature a unique blend of both Bobby and Doyle's guitar sounds. So although Misfits were never more than a 4 piece band, the great thing about this session is that 5 of the original members ended up contributing to it. The songs on the album sound amazing, some who have heard it will tell you it is the by far the greatest Misfits album ever.

You may be wondering why 12 Hits From Hell never made it as a full-length release back in 1980. Well, two years after the completion of this would-be album, the Misfits signed a full record deal with Ruby Records. At that point the new deal called for a new album and basically turned the MSP sessions into a demo for their upcoming album titled "Walk Among Us". This also explains why "12 Hits From Hell" has so many of the same songs (although different versions) as the album "Walk Among Us".

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