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The CBS Radio Mystery Theater

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Now you can listen to "The 36th Man," with Ross Martin as Harry Cohen, Robert Harris as Jacob, Robert Dryden as Satan, Carol Titel as Lilith, and Ann Pitoniak as Ruth Cohen. It was written by Sam Dann and originally broadcast November 14, 1974.
"The 36th Man"

Click the link below and listen to a special welcome from my son, Brendan, recorded just before his 3rd birthday.
"Brendan's Welcome" .

That's right! The Twilight Zone is on the radio! If you like the old TV show hosted by Rod Serling, you'll want to check it out. These fully dramatized shows adapt the old Serling shows for radio. They feature some big stars like Jason Alexander, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ed Begley Jr., John Ratzenberger, and Stan Freberg. To find out if it's airing in your area or for more information, sound clips, and a FREE CD (just $2 for P&H), visit "" .

Listen to Twilight Zone Radio online every Saturday at 6PM Eastern on "" .


I'm looking for your old, obsolete Radio Mystery Theater tapes. Got any old 8-tracks (remember those?) or reel-to-reel tapes? I can convert them to audio CDs, cassettes, or MP3. Write me an email and we can talk!

I now have every episode of The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. If you are interested in trading, please view my list of Shows I Want to Upgrade located on my Lists Page.

If you have GOOD copies of any of these shows and want to trade, first check to make sure that you have the correct show with E.G. Marshall as host. If you have something I need or are interested in purchasing any or all of the episodes, send an email to . My email address looks funny and you can't copy and paste it because spammers are checking websites, looking for email addresses. I was getting a TON of spam email, so I created a "picture" of my email address. Sorry for the inconvenience:(


View my Mystery Theater Photo Gallery


Looking for a list of episodes? Or how about an episode database? Want to know which shows I'm looking to trade for? I have lots of lists in lots of formats on my Lists Page.

You'll need RealPlayer to listen to the shows on this web site. You can download a free RealPlayer at

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