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Hello, my name is ~*~Nicole~*~ and I am the creator of the Jack the Ripper Webpage.
This is not a very accurate or, a good picture of me for that matter! This was taken about 7 months ago....I have long hair now.

Anyway, I chose to create this site because I've always had a facination about Jack the Ripper and the mystery of it all. I really started researching into the history of Jack when I saw the movie "From Hell" starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. The one thing that amazes me about the whole thing is how not one person could catch this ruthless killer despite the many descriptions of the men seen with the women on the nights of their murders. In my personal opinion, (despite what many Ripperologists say) I believe that James Maybrick is (or was) one of the most likely of suspects (which I don't know why they're called suspects anymore since the case old??)Even though his diary seems like a hoax, I can't seem to stray from the belief that he was the killer. You can read more on the Maybrick Diary at

Currently, I am writing a Jack the Ripper fiction novel (which I will explain more in another page that I haven't yet created) and I could use all the help I can get when writing this. This is my first book I've ever planned to publish (I've written other stories but never decided to publish them) and I am in dire need of medical information to incorporate the medical aspects of this, if anyone knows a doctor or medical professional of ANY KIND I could use their help tremendously! (I can't imagine any doctor's visting this page anyhow :) Or, if you just want to lend you ears so that I may 'bounce' ideas off of you that would be helpful too! Also, if you have any dark poetry that you would like me to post on my site, you can email me also. But, for now, since my page with all the information is not up and running, you may email me if you would like to find out more about my book. If you would like to email me, you can do so at either one of these addresses (however, I check the hotmail and yahoo accounts the most):

Anyone who helps me, their names will be published in the acknowledgements of my book. Thanks to all who have visited (and voted for) my webpage!

~*~Nicole~*~ - Your one-stop guide to horror on the Web.