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V6 is the Work Horse of the World

"Project Louise"


Beginning Jan 10, 2004


This is my 1995 (Oct/94) 3.8L Mustang Convertible. Engine: Began as Bone Stock 3.8 Single Port @ 145 HP (Book Math For Current State 241 HP on High End) * 2002 Ford 3.8L, 1L3E, Split Port $165.00 (193 hp) 193 HP * Engine Mount (1995 Drivers) DOA2998 $30.00 * Engine Mount (1995 Pass) DOA2997 $30.00 * BBK Blackout Cold Air Intake AM-102520 $209.99 (15-20 hp gain) 213 HP Transmission: * 5 Speed T5 Stock * Steeda Short Throw Tri-Ax AM-16013 $189.95 * Spec Stage 2 Kevlar Clutch Kit - 10 Spline AM-6004 $378.99 * Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable, Double Hook Quadrant ST-7553A $194.95 * Ford Clutch Fork Pivot Stud AM-387099 $21.99 * Ford Clutch Fork AM-102522 $95.49 * 3.27:1 Red 21 tooth Speedo LRS-17271C-K $18.50 Exhaust: * JBA Headers, Titanium----------------------------------------------------JBA-1619SJT----------------------------------$350.00-----(10-15 hp gain)-----228 HP * Stage 8 Locking Header Bolt Kits-------------------------------------STG-6919---------------------------------------$54.22 * American Thunder Cat-Back--------------------------------------------FLO-17112-------------------------------------$422.97 * V6 X-Pipe Exhaust - 2.5 Inch--------------------------------------------210194251------------------------------------$305.99----- (10 - 13 hp gain)-----241 HP Rear End: * 8.8 with 3.27:1 and Positrac * 8.8 Ford Racing Girdle----------------------------------------------------50240--------------------------------------------------$184.99 * 28 Spline Aluminum Driveshaft---------------------------------------M4602G----------------------------------------------$328.99 Suspension: * Monroe Sensa-Trac Strut-----------------------------------------------71962-------------------------------------------------$68.38 * Monroe Sensa-Trac Strut-----------------------------------------------71962-------------------------------------------------$68.38 * Monroe Sensa -Trac Shock---------------------------------------------5968--------------------------------------------------$28.28 * Monroe Sensa -Trac Shock---------------------------------------------5968--------------------------------------------------$28.28 * SVE Tubular Control Arms----------------------------------------------SVE-5649AT---------------------------------------$95.00 * KYB Quad Shock------------------------------------------------------------KYB-KG4521--------------------------------------$89.98 Interior: * Diode Dynamics 194 LED-----------------------------------------------DIO-9498194W-K---------------------------------$24.99 * Swapped Auto Seat Track to a manual---------------------------Pull-A-Part * Swapped in a 98 Center Console------------------------------------Pull-A-Part Exterior: * 96-98 Tail Light Housing ------------------------------------------------Co-Worker

  • Stage 1: Build up a 2.3T ranging from 240 to 300+ RWHP so that everything that I want on the engine is in place. 

  • Stage 2: When that is complete I plan to couple it with a World class T5 with stops, Pro 5.0 shifter, Aluminum Driveshaft from ford motor sports, a 7.5 rear carrier containing 3.73:1 gears and a Traction Lock Differential.

  • Stage 3: Change from 4 lug to 5 lug with 4 wheel disc brakes. I am going to be using a Cobra upgrade package from for the 1993 model year.

  • Stage 4: To modify the interior of the car to have a more personal feel to it. I am thinking of a total gutted custom appeal to whatever I feel like when the time comes.

If you have any questions on how a modification is made or you think I may have missed a step in my explanation, or think that you know of an application that I may benefit from in this project then feel free to e-mail me with all of the details.

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