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Angel Sanctuary

My Favorite Things About Angel Sanctuary

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This is a page about Angel Sancuary, A fantabulous Manga which, although hasnt been translated yet into english, is still fucking amazing.
Basically it is a collection of parallel stories, which all link to a set of angelic (literally) twins- Alexiel (female) and Rosiel (male). Although it is often thought that Lucifer led the rebellion against God, it was actually Alexiel (even though she was "in love" with him. She led the rebelion as he loved her brother, who is far more beautiful)

(this is Alexiel)
However, her body was sealed by the remaining good angels in a crystal after the failiure of the rebellion, and her soul was placed into countless reincarnations, all ending in a painful death. Lucifer then became the lord of Hell, in memory of his beloved Alexiel.

Then, one day, news emerges that God has....disappeared. Could God be dead? and who would take over his throne?
Mudo Setsuna is the current reincarnation of Alexiel. Setsuna has enough problems as it is, as he is in love with his sister Sara. She also loves him

this is the both of em.

It's then revealed he is the MESSIAH also, i.e the one who will make a difference. And at a time of such uproar, he inevitably does. He changes the way in which the punishment of Alexiel has run its course for thousands of years.

Trust me, that was an INCREDIBLY simplified intro!!!!!

If you can, try and check Angel Sanctuary out. It is a bloody masterpiece, truly, and it will change the way you think about what's right and wrong. No, really it will! And it's also a really cool collection of love stories, some about how love conquors all (Setsuna + Sara) some of the inexplicable bond between family (alexiel + Rosiel), some of devotion (Katan for Rosiel) and some of, erm... twisted sadism!!!!!! (Mad Hatter and Lucifer...check it out!)

Here's Alexiel, my fave, looking quite manly really. And very beautiful.

This is Uriel, one of the many angels who love Alexiel. However, Uriel is the angel that cursed her in the first place. He was banished to Hell for his love. Needless to say he's fairly screwed up about it! but he's very preeeety indeed

This is Mad Hatter. He/she is God's big mistake.. cool!

This is my darlin', Kurai, the demon who was ment to be Lucifer's 999th bride, thus allowing him back into heaven. Luckly she is stopped before the wedding by Arakune, who is male but a virgin and thats all the scriptures ask for. He takes her place, which is good otherwise she would have died... :'(

I know its wrong, but they're so cute, dammit!

This is Rosiel. Isn't he beautiful? No wonder Lexie-san is jealous.

Ah Lexie, thou art great
Now a lot of my Bisexual male friends like this pic... hmmm, wonder why...

mmmm, this is Setsuna being cradled by Kira. Kira is a very bishi guy. I luuuuuurve Kira :P. However he is not who everyone thinks. He knew about Setsuna being an angel looong before anyone else. And why? because he's not really Kira. Kira died when he was a young boy. Kira is in fact the nanatsusaya, the one who follows Alexial through all the incarnations and is sealed in a sword (complicated, eh?!) And THEN, if that wasnt enough, we find out that the nanatsusaya is actually LUCIFER'S SOUL (yeah the devil!) cos Luci loved Alexiel and wanted to always be near her! So basically Kira= Satan (sorta. why do I always like the bad ones? altho as you soon learn from A.S, there is no true boundaries between what is wrong and what is right...)

clockwise from Left: Arakune (yes, it is a tranny guy), Kira, Setsuna, Sara and erm... not sure! I think its Yue, but I dont kno. What a shower... Arakune's secretly a demon who's cousin wants to marry Lucifer, who is Kira... Setsuna is in love with his sister, sara, but they are actually both just the reincarnations of two (debatably) female angels!!! Dear lordy...

I'm not sure who this is... I think its a picture of Jibrelle/Sara (Ok, I later found out it's the body of Alexiel, my fave character! COOL!)

And this Is Kittys version, wiv ME in it! lol I love that girlie!

This is Raphael and Michael. Raphael is ironicaly the angel of Virtue, despite the fact that he has slept with more women than any other being ever (even Hugh Hefner) Most of Heaven thinks that Michael (or Mika-chan, as Raphael calls him) is his lover, but he's not. They are best friends ever. Mika-chan, despite his... shall we say Andy-esque appearance, is little more than a child. (he hates women, trannies, anything he doesnt understand, and hes not gay, which is refreshing in this manga) Together they are part of the seven most influential element angels, wind and fire respectivly. Oh yeah, two little bits of info which are key to the story though dont seem it: Raph. is the only being other than God who can restore life, and Mika has a twin bro... betcha cant guess who!

This is the "true" form of Sara. She is Gabriel (or Jibrelle). Yeah, that the angel who delivered the news of Jesus' coming. Pretty cool.

Here they are. What a sordid bunch

Go out and live the life of the divine!