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Dragons Rathe

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Hello this is my site, but I am working on it. This is just to start it, If Anything Dont work Please Email me I will fix it ASAP Thanks"

(About me) My name is Ben.I live in pennslyvainia. I am 15 years old I have brown hair brown eyes, I have AIM; my s/n is Badboyben325 I have 4 brothers, and two step sisters. I am homeschooled, and I dont like it . I have been homeschooled all my life, -- E-mail me or IM me
A Dragon's Home

Freedom comes when the mind is free. Free from work, free from reality, The mind soars to new heights and places. This is where we live. Reality can not comprehend us, We go beyond the laws of physics, The impossible is possible, And knowledge is meaningless. Few people know of us, Yet all are able to see us. We're in the books, in the art, In buildings and other things. Seek us, and you will find us, Not in reality, but in your heart.

This is my site to say that Dragons Rock
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please go to my chat and chat with me or other ppl(the one with the chat now is mine)

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