A Peek at Our Week

A Peek at Our Week
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Weekly Themes

Each week at Baby Bear is based on a theme, take a look at what we have in store for our Spring Theme. Not only will we discuss what takes place in the Spring time, we will read, cook, roll play, have musical activities, and construct art projects all based on our Spring theme each day. Below are a couple of examples of the art projects we have planned for the week.

Butterfly Craft

This craft is a simple and fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers. And if I do say so myself, he's very cute too! Thanks to the people of DLTK-Kids, they have made it easy to do exciting and educational Arts and Crafts for children of all ages. Please visit their website for some great family ideas. My own children and my daycare kids love everything we have done from their website. DLTK-Kids

Muffin Flower Craft

Another one of my favorites, this craft is simply made from paper muffin cups, construction paper, glue and scissors. Makes a great gift for Mom or Dad. And the children can add their own special touches, such as additional color with crayons, pastels and paint. Another one of DLTK's crafts.

Circle Frog Craft

This frog is made up of circles, a great way to teach little ones about shapes. The circles print out pre-colored, the kids get practice using sissors to cut out the circles. They puzzle the circles together to make a very handsome frog. It's a big hit at Baby Bear and a nice Spring Time project.


Another project planned for this week is planting seeds and learning to take care of them, as well as watching them grow. The kids don't mind getting their hands dirty and enjoy looking forward to the upcoming results. If the weather cooperates we will plant our seeds outside in a garden, if not, we will use cups and transplant them later.

Our wall hangings help little ones associate pictures with words: