At Baby Bear our Monthly Schedule includes several different learning activities, all designed for ages 2-1/2-5 years. Each month the children learn and sing new songs, and are introduced to a new number, letter(s), shape and color. Our curriculum is fun filled, yet educational. Each child also has a daily job such as, flag holder, calendar person, weather person etc.

Our Day goes like this...

Children Arriving
Free Play/Educational TV or Video
Circle Time Stories/Educational Games
Pledge/Calendar/Weather/Daily Jobs
Snack Break
Music & Dancing (Large Muscle Activity)
Learning Project of the Day
Outdoor Play (weather permitting)
Lunch Break
Nap time
Snack Break
Outdoor Play
Preparing for departure, indoor play

All About Me, Back to School, Opposites

Letters = A, B and C
Color = Blue
Shape = Circle
Number = 1 and 2

Families, Fire Safety, Pumpkins and Fall

Letters = D, E and F
Color = Orange
Shape = Square
Number = 3

Turkeys, Farm Animals, Opposites

Letters = G, H, and I
Color = Brown
Shape = Rectangle
Number = 4

Christmas, Music, Winter and Trees

Letters = J and K
Color = Red
Shape = Triangle
Number = 5

Winter Animals, Snowmen, My Body, Opposites

Letters = L, M and N
Color = Purple
Shape = Diamond
Number = 6

Be My Valentine, More Opposites, All About Me, My 5 Senses

Letters = O, P and Q
Color = Pink
Shape = Heart
Number = 7

Feelings, Friends, Spring, Cookies, Clovers & Rainbows

Letters = R, S and T
Color = Yellow
Shape = Oval
Number = 8

Bunnies and Easter, Rain, Plants, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables

Letters = U, V and W
Color = Silver & Gold
Shape = Octagon
Number = 9

Ladybugs, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Creepy Crawlies

Letters = X, Y and Z
Color = Blue
Shape = Triangle
Number = 10

Summer Break

Summer Break

Summer Break

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