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This effort has its roots in 2006 when Rubad It's All About Me In Kaos died of Megaesophagus, a rare complication of Addison's disease. Meme's life was cut short, but we hope to help fund research so that Cardigans, and other canines, do not have to suffer her fate. We are a group of Cardigan fanciers - some breeders, some performance participants, some of us "only" have a pet Cardigan. But, whatever our interest, we are all passionate about this breed and wish to make a postive difference in its future.

Our goal is to raise donations for genetic research. Also, to allocate funds for Cardigan breeders to use in performing health testing that may be important in determining percentages of affected individuals in the breed. Health testing alone cannot solve all the ills of the dog world, and some genetic tests are years from being realized. However, we intend to participate in that effort and feel that it's better to eventually have tools at our disposal than to continue to breed without complete knowledge.

Additionally, we will maintain an on-line health survey so that we can understand what health issues are of most interest to Cardigan breeders. We will maintain a voluntary, open health database for those breeders who wish to pass on the information that they have gained to other breeders. The efforts that we all make today will assure the continuation of this wonderful breed tomorrow.

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