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Farm Schedule

Chickasaw Farm (Sheila and Pat Henry) now offers monthly seminars/demonstrations from April to November. It all began with informal spin ins at the wool store, but when Sheila realized how great the interest was, it morphed into a more structured schedule of events.

The seminars run from 10 am to 12 noon. Seminar cost is $20.00 plus supplies, potluck lunch included. Those who are so inclined may stay to spin and knit through the afternoon.

Seminar Schedule

April 10: Shearing day at the farm. You can choose a fleece on the sheep and watch as it is sheared and skirted. There will be a hot pot of something savory cooking on the stove and lots to see. Check out the farm store for rovings, yarns and finished items.

May 1: Rita Petteys (Yarn Hollow) will be giving a surprise seminar on color for those of you who like to experiment with a little or a lot of color.

June 5: Sue Puffpaff will be offering a seminar on felting a silk scarf. Felting has become the latest craze among crafters (much to our delight, anything to promote the versatility of natural fiber.)

July (date to be announced): Bonnie and Dawn Havlicek will be lecturing on Angora Rabbits 101 with hands on assessment of what makes a correct rabbit in body structure and type.

August (date to be announced): Sheila and Kathy B. had a brainstorm and thought, "Why not make our own yarn bells out of clay pots". A yarn bell contains your ball of yarn so it isn't rolling around on the floor with the dust bunnies. Come and personalize your own yarn bell with acrylic paints. It's sure to be a fun paint spattered kind of day.

The other months are still open, but Sheila is brimming with ideas, from microwave and kettle dyeing, camelids, weaving, and fleece from start to finish. Check this page for updates and/or let her know where your interests lie. Contact Sheila at

or phone her at 231-832-1821.