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October 27, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
bah...k obviously im just gonna stop with this shit...i dont think that ne one is still in my im just gonna stop...this clan is gonna be for people that just wanna have fun...if someone challenges us to a match...sure we'll take it but im gonna make a new site and probably change tag :-\ oh well i loved this clan while it lasted but when things get old they die i guess...heh...once i get a new site goin ill just put link on main page here so itll directly take you there...BYE!
September 9, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
wow...umka....heh i was sick today so i came home....and i havent updated site for long if you see something outa date please email me and tell me so i can change it. ive been so damn busy with school and shiat....and football....and i fractured my foot! owww....and i cut my other one :( well...if you want to contact me!
August 17, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
hehe ok i update site...i still need to fix the downloads section cause the fargin map pack wont upload onto my host is gays!
August 11, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
Ok ive been so damn busy i didnt have time to update the site...oh well and im sorry i havent been on the server lately :( oh well... ill try and get some playing time damn busy with football and school starting up...k well check back for more updates!!
July 31, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
hehe...ok so ive been saying the URL to this site on SF CSTRIKE - Car Maps ALOT so im guessin you came here from the server hehehee...k...REMEMBER WE ARE LOOKIN FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN HOST A DEDICATED SERVER FOR FREE...YOU ALSO GET A SPOT IN THE CLAN! IF YOU CAN DO THIS FOR US PLEASE CONTACT evo|x|Metro-Ldr-[LoK-Cpt] @!!!
Check Back for more updates!!
July 30, 2002 | written by webmaster(Metro)
MuHhaHAhAh WELCOME TO THE NEW evo|x| CLAN SITE!!!! ITS METRO AND IM BACK!!...or something... anywho...the clan is for both TFC and CS...if your in the TFC clan you dont have to be in the cs clan...and same for the cs dont worry!

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SF CSTRIKE - Car Maps IS down again :(

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hrmmm he made server a cs serveR!!! KILL HIM!

evolution X is a Counter-Strike and TFC clan... it use to be just a TFC clan until i started playing alot of now its both :)...ok... laters

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