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Change log, started 1-11-01

10 January 2002: Made slight changes in the Malacia, Morichro, and Force Speciality skill/feat write-ups. They are (sadly) still not playtested, but are more in the style of the Core Rules. I've also switched to an in-page banner rather than a pop-up.

25 December 2001: Happy Life Day
I have changed my Equipment section over to a new format, added 2 new weapons (the Combat Knife and Throwing Knife), added the TD series of Translator Droids to the Droids section, added the Knife Specialist class, and the Givin species.

23 December 2001: I've cleaned up my links (no accidentally going to my old page any more), started changing the equipment section over to a new format, and have 1 new race, 2 new droids, and a new class on the way. They will be posted on the Wookiee holiday of Life Day, which conveniently enough coincides with my next day off work: Christmas.

10 December 2001: Since Angelfire is no longer accepting the password to my old site, I have begun the slow and agonizing process of transfering all my files to this new and streamlined URL. ( was a bit of a mouthful to tell people anyway. suits my needs better.)

23 June 2001: As many of my more frequent visitors have no doubt noticed, I haven't updated my page in over 2 months. Pressures of my real life have prevented me from updating, and show no signs of letting up. I will provide sporatic updates as I am able. If I do become capable of weekly updates again, I will announce it on theStar Wars Mailing List and Star Wars Message Board that are run by WotC.

1 April 2001: Added the Scarab assasin droidto the Droids section.

27 March 2001: Updated several Droids to more accurately reflect info from the Essential Guide to Droids.

25 March 2001: Updated the Stormtrooper utility belt in the Equipment section to better correspond with the description from the West End Games version of Star Wars. Updated my Links section.

24 March 2001: Added WotC's BullbaBong BB-2 Shuttle to the Ships and Vehicles section. Added the Lannik to the Species section.

19 March 2001: Added Imperial Scout Trooper armor to the Equipment section. Added extra information into the Battle Droid blaster and LIN series droid write ups.

17 March 2001: Added a link to the WotC mini-adventure "Damsel in Distress" to the adventures section.

13 March 2001: Added a link to the Naboo/Gungan G-1 starfighter to the Ships/Vehicles section. Added stats for the Death Star Droid. Added the Adventures section.

10 March 2001: Added the LIN series demolition droid. Reorganized the Droids section. Removed the stats from the R2 astromech droid, for copyright reasons.

9 March 2001: Added the Trade Federation battle droid blaster to the equipment list and added the RA series servant droid to the Droids section.

4 March 2001: Added a link to the WotC stats for the ER-1 probe droid, and my corrected/expanded version of the TC Series protocol droid that appears in the Secrets of Naboo. Added WotC's online character converter to my links section. Added a new section, Ships and Vehicles.

22 February 2001: Added the Trianii to the player character species section.

31 Januray 2001: Added Tusken Raiders to the player character races section. Updated my Submissions rules.

25 January 2001: Added a new Force Feat, Fists of Fury, to my skills and feats section. Added size and speed modifiers to the Balance skill description.

19 January 2001: Added a new Force Feat and two new Force Skills to my Skills and Feats Section. The new feat, Force Specialty, is a prereqisite of the two new skills, Morichro and Malacia.

18 January 2001: Added C-3PO (Rise of the Empire/Episode 1 version) to my droids page.

16 January 2001: Added two new prestige classes (the Bureaucratic Envoy and the System Leader) and a new race, Ugnaughts, and linked my Equipment & Weapons page to the weapons section of Jan Tolbara's Star Wars RPG page.

15 January 2001: Added a new Partner Site, Jan Tolbara's Star Wars RPG page to my links section .

12 January 2001: Corrections made to the Species section, including adding stats for Kowakian commoners to the Kowakian race write-up, and correcting the Jawa commoner to include size modifiers.

11 January 2001: Added Stormtrooper Backpack to the Equipment page. Removed availabiliy stat from the P2 and R1 through R5 astrodroids after seeing an R5 unit on the Royal J-type Nubian in The Phantom Menace.