Star Elves

Regions: Sildeyuir, the Yuirwood.
Racial Feats: Artist, Forester, Otherworldly, Woodwise
Racial Prestige Classes:

They were a race of elves that lived in the realm of Yuireshanyaar. Now known as the Yuirwood. They were also called the Mirthral elves because all their weapons and armor was fashioned from mithral.

Legend says they were faced with aggressive human settlers carving out homes for themselves in the ancient forest. The Star Elves decided to withdraw from Faerūn. Some say High Magic was used to spirit them away, but noone knows where.

Star elf, male
Star elf, female

In approximately -900 D.R., the Star Elves began to fear human encrouchment, and bgan construction of Sildėyuir. For about two centuries, they only slowly trickle into their extraplanar bolt hole, but finally, they abandoned the Yuirwood to the Wild Elves entirely. For two millennia, they stay separated, until recently, when a strange extraplanar threat has driven them to return to Faerun, to seek allies among their brethren.


Star Elf Characters

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Star Elf Society

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Abilities and Racial Features
The abilities and characteristics of the star elf are to be found in Unapproachable East and are presented here for ease of reference.^Elf

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