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The Hangman and the Harpy

One of Rittmeister Hans von Hammers most deadly opponents was The Hangman

The Hangman flew a coal black Spad XIII

The Hangman was Count AndreDe Sevigne. He flew a solid black Spad XIII. He leads a Squadron of Nieuports painted coal black.

Von Hammer and the Hangman fought several times

Von Hammer and the Hangman fought several dog fights. During the first Von Hammer shot down the Hangman. He survived with severe injuries but recovered.
The second battle saw the Hangman force Von Hammer down wounded and take him prisoner. He recovered and escaped.
In their final engagement Von Hammer shot down and killed the Hangman.

The Harpy flew a Nieuport 17

The Hangman, at her insistance, taught his sister Denise to fly. Von Hammer refused to return fire when she attacked his Fokker Triplane.