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Archie over Cambrai...I fly a desk now...

We start flying missions in January.

I'm looking for six players who would be interested in a Bloody April Extended Campaign.
Campaign I; will start with the 23rd RFC Wings Over France Bloody April Campaign and will be played with one days mission's resolved each real time week. In this campaign, I will run the Squadron Commander and would like to recruit six players, 3 as Flight Leaders and 3 players as deputy flight leaders. Missions assigned to each flight can be run as desired by the flight leader. If the Flight Leader is killed or captured the deputy flight leader movers up and the other player becomes the new deputy. Due to to the expected attrition everyone will get to lead. This also allows for real life and game schedule conflicts, as one player can run the flight while the other is busy. His pilot would not be available being on sick call or leave with a temporary replacement sent from the repo depo. As C Flights Nieuport 11's are shotdown or rendered unservicable they will be replaced with Nieuport 17's. In addition I will be running a playtest with a flight from Naval 21 attached to 23 Squadron. This lets me actively play and lets me evaluate the Tripehounds effect on play balance.

At the end of the campaign the squadron will be withdrawn from the front to rest and re-equip. Campaign II will see seasoned pilots in newer aircraft facing deadlier German foes.

The first campaign should run approximately six months. I am working on an expansion to continue the game up to November 1917 and the Battle of Cambrai. This would allow for the addition of new aircraft types (SE-5's and Fokker Tripes among others) and developing skilled pilots with detailed histories. Perhaps our own version of 56 Squadron Britain's unit of aces may develop.

The game will have a role playing aspect loosely based on Escadrille 77 detailed elsewhere on this site. Role playing may allow you to modify your aircraft, get a better plane all together, and even have some say in mission assignment. Midnight requisitions may benefit your unit or you may be the victim of someone elses creative acquisitions. Pilot characters will be created using Steve Jackson Games GURPS.

SOUND INTERESTING? Then take the trivia test and sign up. Unit assignment is by test score with ties resolved by whoever volunteered earliest

Squadron Officers