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WINGS OVER FRANCE Variant Counters

Feel to copy and download these aircraft counters for your personal gaming use, but please don't post them on other websites. I put a lot of work into them.The base pictures came primarily from the sourses below and were modified with Paint Shop Pro and a lot of cut and pasting. You may need to resize some aircraft as I seem to need stronger reading glasses every eye check up. Hence I adjust my gaming counters accordingly.

Aircraft Art

AERODROME 113 Magazine for the "Fight-in-the-Skies Society" Spring 1995
DOWN IN FLAMES World War I "Aircraft Cards"
WINGS OF WAR "Famous Aces" and "Watch Your Back"

An excellent set of German Aircraft counters can be found at the Yahoo Groups Wings Over France Site

Sopwith Triplanes

Commander's Aircraft
More Tripe Hounds

Number 23 Squadron

Sopwith Pup Pilot Name
Sopwith Pup A Flight Aircraft
Sopwith Pup A Flight Lame Duck
Sopwith Pup B Flight Aircraft
Sopwith Pup B Flight Lame Duck
SpadVII B Flight French Markings
SpadVII B Flight Lame Duck French Markings
SpadVII B Flight British Markings
Spad VII B Flight Lame Duck British Markings
Nieuport 11 C Flight French Markings
Nieuport 11 C Flight Lame Duck

Additional Game Variants

Foreign Nieuport 11 Counters
Game Designer's Nieuport 17 Stats