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Commander's Office

Welcome to my website I hope you'll find something of interest. Feel free to use any gaming materials for your own personal use. If you do use anything a link or reference is always appreciated.

Now that we have your Attention

While I am a fan of the Tv Show JAG I dislike RULES LAWYERS
Rules Lawyers are players who game by the letter of law and not the spirit. Winning by a technicality is no victory at all.

Can we help you?

I run role playing and wargames; not sims. Neither the Monty Haul or Killer Dungeon will be found here. We are simulating military operations with a high degree of risk. Your character can die. If you have a problem with that, don't play. I understand most gamers put a lot of work into their character. There can be no worthwhile reward without challenge and risk to obtain it.
Your player character will carry out your instructions within the limitations of his skills and attributes. In short you decide how brave or foolhardy he is going to be.
The Primary Rule Of Wargaming
"Nothing may be done contrary to what could or would be done in actual war."
(Of Jane's Fighting Ship's fame)

Listen Up!

All right eye candy aside we are here to game.
I run both role playing and wargaming missions. The height of great gamings combines both, by allowing you to plan the mission on an Operational Level and then execute it on a Tactical One. The wargame map and counters cover the big picture; while the role playing characters get down to the spilt second details.
Gaming is an escape and stress buster for me; the objective is to have a good time. Please keep this in mind as the goal is for everyone to have fun.

If you are still interested go to the Adjutant's Office and we'll get you in the game.