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R U Going 2 Heaven?


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My cute little niece Madison, only a month or so old. Isn't she to die for??























Tori's Place

My Little Space on the Web

~this is an IFB, KJB only site~




Please come on in, make yourself at home and have a look-see! My name is ,  I'm a Christian first then a  wife, mother and missionary.


This is my personal page, where I keep all my goodies. I have been working on it off and on for years now, never really finishing it. Tori's Place is changing everyday so come back often to see what I have added and what things have been updated.

Before you go, please go by and take a look at my Going 2 Heaven page. It may be the most important page you ever look at!




My beautiful niece Traci and her fiancé Jacob,

An aunt has to brag, right??







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Wanna Live in Happiness Forever?




Pray for God's People

















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