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Welcome and well met fellow adventurer. You are about to enter a world filled with dangerous tombs and horrible foes. The path to glory and wealth is open to you. If you survive long enough that is....

August 22

Just a small update to the links-section (I added

August 3

It's been way too long (major hassle for me to get online during the summer)but Necropolis is back with a new module by Melan !. It´s the first part of ´The Book of Many Tombs. The first part is called ´Tomb of the Barbarian King´ and you can download it right here. Enjoy !

June 17

It's been a while,but here are two new Graveyard-entries. (look for the new graphic)

June 6

NG announces a new product ! 'The Vault of Larin Karr. This is going to be a 96 page mini campaign setting. For more info check here

May 30

Yet another new Graveyard-entry. (It's the one on the top of the page)

May 30

another new Graveyard-entry. Graveyard-update. Also a nice NG product listing can be found here.

May 7

Well I'm back ! And here's a new Graveyard-entry.

April 24

Maze 3 is of to the printer and the maps for Tomb of Abysthor are posted on the NG website. Orcus reveals some of the contents in 'The Tome of Horrors' in this thread on the NG Boards. Well I'm off to to London for a week and a half, so no updates unitl I,m back. See you then.

April 15

Wow ! Lots of cool NG stufff going on lately. The NG chat is going to happen, HUZZAH ! Check out the NG boards for the lates info and start creating your character. Also check out the transcript of the ENWorld chat with Clark (and Bill) right here. I wasn't there but it was great fun (or so I heard :)). Some of the cool bits: A new name for the Creature Catalog book, a "dream-project" is in the works, lots of free stuff given away and Fiery James said QUEEN OF LIES a lot ! What are you waiting for ? Go read the transcript !

And another submission for The Graveyard page.

April 11

More submission for The Graveyard page. Eight new deaths submitted by Darth Vava ! (At the top of the page).

March 15

Sorry about the bandwidth problems the last few days. A lot of people were DL-ing the Temple of Pazuzu! I've moved tha large files to a different server so I hope these problems are over.And yes the resources section is updated again ! Here's what's new :

Siege Options Pack An unofficial supplement for NG Module The Siege of Durgam's Folly created by Björn Strohecker (aka as Greenpiece).

Additional NPC's and Locations for Fairhill Again a great piece of work by Björn Strohecker. This is for use with the NG module Crucible of Freya.

And finally a new submission for The Graveyard page (at the top of the page).

March 12

Melan returns with another full module : The Temple of Pazuzu ! It can be found at the resources-page. That's all for now, see you again later this week.

March 4

Sorry about the lack of updates lately people. Anyway NG has posted a wickedly cool colour-version of the Rappan Athuk Wilderness map (NO password) check it out at their Product support-page (be sure to check out the other revised maps also).

Februari 15

Finally, a new Graveyard-update (It´s right at the top of the page).

February 5

The Resources-section is updated with more RA1-floorplans (again created by Roy Random).

28 January

The Resources-section is updated with some RA1-floorplans (created by Roy Random). Also there seems to be a problem with the lates CoF minis-list (the pictures aren't showing up). I'll tyr to fix that ASAP. Also a small update in the Links-section. If you want the link to your website listed just send me an e-mail.

One more thing. There's still room on the Graveyard ! Keep sending your submissions !

16 January

The Graveyard-page is updated with three new entries. Also added a review by Steven A Cook to the review list on the Product-section. Here's the link for your convenience:

11 January

The Resources-page is update with an expanded (with pictures) list of miniatures for Crucible of Freya by Shawn Humprey. There are lots of new links to reviews at the Product-section (thank you bushfire for the awesome list !).

8 January

There are new NG boards, if you haven't checked them out yet they can be found here. You'll find four new magic items (created by Kenneth Judy) that you can use in Rappan Athuk in the Resources-section.

3 January

Happy New Year ! And what a year it´s going to be! This year we´ll be able to get our grubby paws on modules like: Tomb of Abysthor, RA3, Necropolis and the long awaited Bards Gate. Check back next week for a groovy new update.

29 December

The new and revised RA2 maps are available at (on the product support page).

21 December

Just a small update to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I'll be offline until after Christmas, so I won't be able to reply my e-mails as fast as I want to. See you all in a week or so !

6 December

I've updated the Product-Info-page with some info from the ENboards. More to come soon. (updates are mainly in the guesstimated release-schedule)

3 December

Finally, another update. The deadline for the the Bard's Gate shorties submissions has been extendend till the end of December. Go get the submission guidelines Also there is some discussion about possible .pdf downloadable products by NG. These would be "DM-Utilty"-products. Take a look at the Sword & Sorcery-forums.

19 November

Siege of Durgam's Folly by Mike Mearls is shipping ! Check out the cover at The resources-page is updated with a conversion of the Faerie Dragon by Kenneth Judy.

16 November

Even more new graveyard entries ! Check them out at the The Graveyard page (look at the top of the page).

12 November

Even more new graveyard entries ! Check them out at the The Graveyard page.

Also the resources page is updated with a Maze that can be used with RA2. Check it out here.

1 November

More new graveyard entries ! Check them out at the The Graveyard page.

Also two articles by Rob Kuntz are posted on Canonfire
- The Three Artifacts of the Demon Senders
- A Partial, Annotated Bibliography of the Works of Robert J. Kuntz

The latter can allso be found at the Rob Kuntz section of the Necromancergames homepage

29 October

New graveyard entries ! Check them out at the The Graveyard page. (new entries are labeled with a "new"-graphic.

I'll be back later this week with another update.

16 October

The resources page is updated with a Voodoo Shaman Prestige Class , by forum regular "Melan".

11 October

More news today ! Read the new press-release on NG will also be publishing a Grimtooths Traps book ! well what are you waiting for.. Head over to the official page and read it.

10 October

Big news today ! Read this press-release that appeared on :

October 9, 2001-Las Vegas, NV: Necromancer Games announced today that it has resurrected the famous adventure Necropolis, originally written by Gary Gygax. Set in a far off desert kingdom, Necropolis is both a campaign source book and a detailed and lengthy adventure for characters of 10th to 18th level. The hardcover adventure is scheduled for release in July of 2002 and will be published under the Sword and Sorcery logo using the Open Game and d20 Licenses.

"Adding a product by Gary Gygax really helps us realize our slogan of 'Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel,'" says Clark Peterson, President of Necromancer Games. Necropolis, which had a very limited initial release over 10 years ago, is being revamped by the Necromancer Games design team. "We don't do reprints. This is a wholesale revision of an amazing product with the blessing and input of Gary Gygax himself. Hard core gamers have probably heard about this product but never seen it. We are pleased to bring this cult classic to the Third Edition game."

Necropolis is a sweeping sourcebook for a massive high level campaign set in the southern desert kingdoms. "Imagine a huge desert wilderness adventure culminating in the Tomb of Horrors on crack-that about describes Necropolis," said Bill Webb of Necromancer Games. "Plus the adventure provides an incredible amount of detail on the culture and religion of an entire ancient desert civilization," says Webb. The 224 page hardcover adventure and sourcebook details a campaign where the players interact with the very gods themselves. New magic items and monsters, new gods and spells fill this sourcebook. Devious traps, wicked opponents and interesting NPCs populate the villages, temples and dungeons contained in the adventure, which details hundreds of miles of an ancient desert kingdom.

Join the Caravan of Serai, visit the Village of Aartuat, defeat the demon crocodile, brave the bandit hordes of the Desert Roads and the Bloody Moon, pass the Pylon of Duat, seek the Temple of Osiris and the secrets held within, explore the Gorge of Osiris where the Necropolis awaits and loot the ancient tomb of Set-Ra-Hotep!

"If you are looking for the coolest and biggest high level campaign ever, this is it," says Webb. "You have never seen anything like Necropolis."

So what more is there to say ? Well I really like the name :).

8 October

According to the official website "Prisoners of the maze" is shipping to retailers now. Check out the entry in the White Wolf online product catalogue here.

28 September

Just a small update. There's a new Graveyard submission.It's at the top of the page). Also if you haven't checked the Sword&Sorcery forums lately, you might wan to do so now. I'll be back with another update on monday.

16 September

Everything's back to normal on the site. I've updated the Product-Info page. I've also added a new link: The Ishka Campaign page , a campaign page that incorporates some NG material.

12 September

My deepest sympathy to all Americans. This act shocked the entire western world... My heart goes out to all the people who lost friends, colleagues and relatives and those still hoping for a miracle.

Out of respect for all the victims of this terrible act there won't be any new updates this week and I've removed the graveyard section for the time being.

7 September

Two new graveyard submissions (they are at the top of the Graveyard page). I added a link to Karathis Information A great site by "Selganor" (for those of you who visit the S&S forums).

5 September

A review of Rappan Athuk II has been posted on Check it out here. Next update will be friday.. (PS: The links to the GenCon pics are fixed now)

4 September

Finally another update... And welcome at my new home on the web :)


Clark tells about upcoming products from NG :

"Rappan Athuk 2: on store shelves now

Prisoners of the Maze: The first of the Maze of Zayene series by Rob Kuntz; release in October

Siege of Durgam's Folly: an adventure by vetran author Mike Mearls; release in October/November.

What Evil Lurks: an adventure by Lance Hawvermale, a guy who has done work for Dungeon and the RPGA. This adventure is one of the coolest I have seen in a long time. Beautifully written. It is in final edit now. Sue Cook, Monte's wife, is doing the final edit. It should be out December.

Tomb of Abysthor: is currently in final edit then it goes to layout, Brian is doing the art currently; release November.

Dimensions of Flight: The second in the Maze of Zayene Series by Rob Kuntz; release December/January.

Treasure Maps and Lairs 1: freelance author is finishing up rewrite of this baby based on fan submissions; projected release Feb 2002.

Bard's Gate: we are chugging along on this one. But is it going to be cool. I have the huge draft of the poster map plastered to my wall in my office and I am filling in the blanks. I hope to have that done by Nov 1, which means release probably early Jan 2002.

Rappan Athuk 3: Bill is finishing this one now, then to final edit; release hopefully for Christmas. Orcus for Christmas, yeah!

Rob Kuntz is finishing Maze 3 (Tower Chaos) and Maze 4 (The Eight Kings) which should be early 2002 releases.

In addition to these, we are working on Sword of Air, Vampires and Liches and I am trying to hook up something real cool for Wrath of Orcus (more on that as it developes).

Not to mention a few surprises we always have up our sleeves! "

15 August

Todd Rooks (who made the GenCon pictures posted here) tells a bit about his GenCon experience : 

"While at the con, I had the pleasure of meeting the Necromancer duo, Clark Peterson and Bill Webb. Both were very friendly and enthusiastic about their products and fans. Clark's demo of the Tomb of Abysthor was swift and brutal (the carrion crawlers almost did us in). Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend Bill's demo. During the con, I ran four groups through the Dungeon of Graves (the Saturday group is pictured on your site). Necromancer Games donated four autographed copies of Rappan Athuk, which were given out as prizes to the best role-player (or lucky survivor) from each session. A good time was had by all ("...and there was much rejoicing")."

Also a new Graveyard submission :

Valerian (2nd level Human Ranger/Fighter) The Party had just defeated the Green Gargoyles and Valerian was almost taken up and dropped. He survived, but not for too long. The valiant Ranger would soon meet his death. The party opened the door to the crypt with the key they had found and were soon attacked by the black skeleton... it screamed and most of the party ran with fear, as the evil undead creature hacked Valerian down with two sword strikes. The party when it got the balls, returned to see if Valerian survived, only to find the Skeleton holding his liver... what was left of Valerian was painted on the walls of the crypt. We were not amused. (Reported by: Kraig)

9 August

Want to know what Clark & Bill look like? Like to see some NG pics from GenCon 2001 ? Well you can here  :)

Also new Graveyard Submissions ! Here they are : 

Kun-Chao, A monk who stayed alone in the "Ogre room" at level 2 as his group tried to defeat them from the door, not noticing how badly Kun-Chao was wounded, he was brought from 2 hp to -11 hp in one hard stike of an ogre club... (Submitted by Torsten)

Cannon Fodder (Hastily made Male Elven Fighter 3)- After his entire party was stunned by Filaar's Dust of sneezing and choking, Cannon took it upon himself to try to save them all. A heroic act, and admirable self sacrifice, for as he was frantically beating dire rats off of his half gnawed comrades, he was slain by an arrow to the head from the vindictive wererat, Filaar, whom he had gashed pretty good earlier with his +1longsword... (submitted by : Gamecat)

Phadian Longreach (Male Half-elf Sorcerer 3)- Having completely exhausted his spells on earlier encounters with a Gelatinous cube and a roving pack of ghouls, Phadian was just suggesting a nice rest for the party to regain hitpoints and spells when they were ambushed by Filaar and her band. He decided to run forward and try to help the fighters when Filaar unleashed her magical dust. The poor bastard was gnawed to death by dire rats nice and slow like, hacking and coughing between his ragged screams....(submitted by : Gamecat)

Silvermane (Male Dwarven Fighter4)- This noble and humble dwarf met his end as many warriors would wish to... in the heat of battle. Stunned by Filaar's wicked dust, Silvermane was thought to be an early loss as he was swarmed by dire rats and wererats alike. But, no matter how much they stabbed and bit, he would not fall. Even when he regained his senses and his comrades fell all around him, he did not turn tail and flee. Instead he screamed out his greatest war cry and leaped at the nearest wererat, severely wounding it with his greataxe. Live or die, Silvermane would not leave his friends. Unfortunately, endless bravery is not immune to cold hard steel The wererats took advantage of his sudden attack to outflank him and pierce him to the core with their swift and bloody rapiers. However, as the only survivor of the party lived to tell, when Silvermane fell, blood streaming from his lips... he was smiling. (submitted by : Gamecat)

Next update will probably be next friday. CU soon !

1 August

Sorry 'bout the late updat, but I've got a little touble getting online for a while. Anyway, head over to for lots of Gen Con news.

I hope the next upate will be a bit sooner.

11 July

Want to see the cover art for the first instalment of the Maze of Zayene series ? Well you can right here. It's another wonderful work of art by John Masse. What are you waiting for ? Grab it now ..

Maze of Zayene 1: Prisoners of the Maze by Rob Kuntz should be out at Gen Con 2001.

28 June 2001


Clark e-mailed me to say that "RA2" and "Prisoners" are on schedule for their GenCon Release, and this : 

"Just to let you (and the fans) know, I love how theysupport the site. I fully support the adventures they write and that you post on the site. I think that is a great idea.

In fact, I like it so much I have a little tidbit for you: I am trying to make Bard's Gate as friendly for fan created content as possible. The module willdetail the city and all the cool places, but it wont detail every bar or building or NPC. I really want to leave that open for fan development. Make a cool bar or develop a cool NPC. I want to turn Bard's Gate over to the fans."


Another graveyard submission by  Chris posted on the Graveyard page and here for your covenience :

Ivelios - Elf Ftr3/Rge3. After several objections from the rest of the party, this curios rogue decided to climb down Dungie's latrine and scoop up any treasure he might find. Dungie sprang up from the muck, grappled Ivelios, and engulfed him all in a matter of 2 rounds. A valiant attempt to save the poor sod almost resulted in the rescuer being engulfed as well. The last thing the overly curious rogue saw was his party members heading for the hills (with his dropped belongings no less!).

19 June 2001

Well it's been a while since the last update, but I'm back (in black). 


As scooped on : the first Rob Kuntz module in the Maze of Zayene series, titled "Prisoners of the Maze." will be available on GenCon. There's also an interview with Clark Peterson about RA2 there.

A preview of the cover from Rappan Athuk II has been posted on the Necromancer Games website. Here's the direct link : 


One new update on the graveyard . I'll post it here for your convenience. :

Ipswich - Halfling Sorcerer. This brave little guy marched