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These are but a few responses I have had over the past year.
Feel free to contact and confirm the comments
Thank you very much, they are beautiful and were admired by everyone in the class. They are already in action on my pillow!
Megan Jenkinson in Australia
The bobbins arrived on Friday and they are lovely!
Gail Young in Canada
I took your bobbins out to my first show yesterday (Saturday). They went down a storm!!! I will be placing another order very soon.
Linda Fountain in England
(sent to Greta)
You must be the luckiest woman in the world to be married to the best bobbin maker in the whole wide world!
Stormy Lee Van Den Houten in the USA
Ann Theys at the Kantcentrum in Brugge said that your Rosaline bobbins are the best ones she has ever worked with
Diana Glasspool in England
They are perfect in every respect - an absolute pleasure to work with and to behold!
Debra Jenny in the USA
The bobbins are excellent and thank you so much for the keyring, it was a lovely idea. I particularly liked the Colebrooke Red Sanders, it is such a beautiful colour, and the tamboti has a lovely spicy smell a bit like sandalwood.
Cathy Potter in Australia
Hi Mimi, Yes, my package arrived today before lunch. All the bobbins are beautiful, but the Out of Africa collection is just breath taking. Yes, my pillow will be beautiful when I use those bobbins. I can't believe how beautiful the crystal beads, gold separator beads and the different stones are as spangles. They really finish off the bobbins.
(An e-mail from Mary Ann Peters to Mimi Dillman)
I gave Lee Daly her bobbin Friday evening last, and she was very pleased, and sends her warmest
Susan Keenan in the USA
I think they are some of the nicest bobbins I have ever had
Patty Dowden in the USA
Thank you once again for sending the bobbins so promptly and they are beautiful.
Jenny Chrichton in South Africa
In a very round-about way I learned of your beautiful and unique bobbins. We need good bobbin makers. Please keep up the good work.
Karen Davis in the USA
These bobbins are absolutely divine!!! I am so thrilled by them. They are almost too good to use! Thank you so much.
Michelle Long in South Africa
My family has returned safely to me with many beautiful bobbins from you and a very nice story about meeting with you. All of your bobbins are so beautifully turned and finished.
Lee Uptegraff in the USA